“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1

How do you feel about your future? Many sources indicate we consider the future bleak and uncertain. So many factors seem out of control. Little is guaranteed. To build confidence in the future, many have turned to horoscopes, and other means of interpreting the future. The implication is that we will increase in confidence if we know what is coming.

The response God desires from us is faith. Faith is more than wishful thinking or ignoring the circumstances. Faith is not blind optimism or having a “hope-so feeling.” Faith is the product of experiencing God’s faithfulness in the past, His involvement in the present, and accepting His promises about the future.

For the Christian faith is the foundation for hope. In California, earthquakes demand foundations that keep buildings from failing. In Mississippi, different foundations are needed to offset the shifting of “Yazoo Clay.” In Louisiana, pilings are driven in the soft marshy ground to keep buildings and bridges from failing. Christians learn that life demands life is built on the foundation of trusting the God who never fails us nor leaves us.

In good times, we may have built life on the wrong foundation. We may have trusted ourselves. We may have trusted our leaders. We may have trusted our circumstances. But the storms of life test the foundations upon which our lives have been built. If the wrong foundation is used, life will seem to crumble.

If the right foundation is built storms will not shake us because our foundation will not fail us. With the right foundation we continue to feel confidence without seeing the end of the storm. We know the One who loves us controls the storms and directs life. We know we will come through the storm because we know God never fails.

If you lack hope in the future, check what your basis for hope might be. It must be more than wishful thinking. It will never be we are in complete control. It is impossible to see what lies around the corner. It is frustrating to know we can’t solve every problem. The hope that makes the future sure and dreams reality is a complete confidence and focus on the Lord of the Universe who has already planned eternity as our own.

Join the roll call of the faithful found in the Bible. No one is on the list that didn’t face challenges as we do. Their circumstances may seem different but in reality, every life tests the basis of faith in the way they deal with life. May your faith be strengthened today with the knowledge that God loves you and has a plan for your life that will last forever.


Dr. John Temple is chaplain of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.

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