Actor Kirk Cameron to discuss marriage, family at Northcrest

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Kirk Cameron

Actor/speaker Kirk Cameron will make an appearance on March 21 at Northcrest Baptist Church as part of his new marriage and parenting tour, Living Room Reset.

The tour focuses on content that matters most to families, such as how to cherish your spouse for a lifetime, raising kids in a social media world and the art of forgiveness.

The tour also features worship by Grammy-nominated artist Matt Hammitt (formerly Sanctus Real) and Harborside Music.

Wade Phillips, associate pastor of Northcrest, said Living Room Reset with Kirk Cameron is a recommended event for married couples, parents and couples considering marriage, to help them deal with some of the most important issues they face or will face.

“Kirk and his wife, Chelsea, will be sharing things they have learned over 27 years of marriage and 22 years of parenting – it’s a great date night for couples,” Phillips said. “What also makes this event unique is that the audience will help set the agenda, and get a chance to get some of their particular questions about marriage and family answered.

“There will also be some “Growing Pains” related surprises! It should be fun.”

Phillips emphasized there are still a limited number of $20 tickets available at the church until they run out. Call 601-482-3498 or purchase them online for $25 at

In an email, Cameron responded to questions from The Meridian Star about the tour.

• QUESTION: How did the idea of the “living room reset” come about?

ANSWER: All of life happens in my living room. I packed it up and put it on a bus so I can bring it across the country and have a meaningful and fun conversation with couples about marriage and family.

Q: Tell me what subjects will be discussed and why these subjects should matter?

A: A few of the topics we cover include the art of forgiveness, how to cherish your spouse for a lifetime, raising kids in a social media world, establishing good and godly authority in your home.

Q: Is each of your shows custom-made? That's a really cool concept – how do you pull that off?

We listen to the audience and flex according to what people want to talk about. Questionnaire goes out to the ticket buyers.

Q: Describe to me your love of God and your passion for evangelism?

A: How do you capture the gratitude one feels after being saved from sin and death, and given eternal life? I want as many as possible to know and love God. The gospel is central to Living Room Reset.

Q: Tell me what you hope families who pay tickets for your show take with them once they walk out the auditorium? What do you hope sticks in their minds long after you leave?

A: That marriage and family is worth fighting for. Marriage is a school about learning to be like Jesus- dying to your self and serving others. The joy of the Lord is your strength, and the joy of the parent is the child's strength. I hope you come and go with a renewed love for God and for each other. And a joy that only comes from being in partnership with God to bring Heaven to Earth through your family.


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