West Lauderdale students embrace Esports

Bianca Moorman/The Meridian Star

West Lauderdale High School student Ezekiel Hutchinson plays League of Legends, an Esports game.



COLLINSVILLE — Esports, an online video game competition, is becoming a popular after school activity for a group of West Lauderdale students. 

The high school students have been busy playing League of Legends, a 3D, third-person multiplayer online battle arena game. With eight to 10 students participating, players are split into two teams of four or five students, said Matt Landis, a senior.  

Jena Wiggins, a teacher at West Lauderdale, said this year the Mississippi High School Activities Association and the National Federation of High School Associations offer a category for Esports. 

One benefit of Esports, Wiggins said, is that it's not exclusive like other sports, and everyone has the opportunity to play.

“It just gives a different avenue of something to do,” Wiggins said.

Another benefit is that students don't have to travel to compete, she said. 

Wiggins said she didn't know much about the game, but is seeing more students wanting to play.

“I know the interest is going to grow,” Wiggins said.

The group doesn't yet have a team name, but will come up with one when they start competing. 

Landis hopes the club will bring awareness about League of Legends and Esports as a whole, since  some people don't consider it an actual sport.

"I just hope this program raises more awareness of them and introduces more people to them," Landis said.

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