All property inside the city limits of Meridian must conform to zoning regulations. Property in Lauderdale County outside the city limits of Meridian does not have zoning guidelines.

Inside the city of Meridian, there are many types of zoning classifications that range from R-1A for single family residences to P-1 which is for public use. For example, if your home is in an area zoned R-1A which is for single family residences, a business establishment cannot be put there; on the other hand, you may choose to have a residence in a business district. Zoning protects neighborhoods and other areas and keeps their use consistent. Before buying a property, it is a good idea to check the zoning classification.

There are many types of zoning classifications in Meridian and some of them are:

A-1 General Agricultural District (40,000sf)

R-1A Single family residence (10,000sf)

R-1B Single family residence (7500sf)

R-2 Two family residence

R-3 Multi family residence

R-BO Residential-Business district

B-1 Professional District

B-4 General business district

I-1 Light industrial

I-2 Heavy Industrial

P-1 Public Use

Because there are no zoning regulations outside the city limits in Lauderdale County, an adjacent property owner can put anything on his property he so desires even if it has a detrimental affect on your property. However, subdivisions usually have restrictive covenants which are recorded at the Lauderdale County Chancery Clerk’s office and these covenants govern how the properties in the subdivision are used thus protecting the homes from detrimental influences.

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