Expectations were running high on a recent sunny afternoon as we arrived at a local fishing hole. My fishing partner for the day was David White and we were both primed for some hot fishing action for lunker bass. After about 30 or 40 minutes our enthusiasm had dimmed however, as the bass were not cooperating as quickly as we would have liked.

David started things off first with a nice bass while I missed my first two or three. Things started to pick up as we caught a few small bass. In fact the small bass began to bite my Junebug colored Venom Stick bait with regularity.

After catching eight or ten small fish I decided a change was in order. Unbeknownst to me David was thinking along the same lines. We both reached into our bag of tricks and pulled out one of the deadliest lures to come around in a long time. The hot bait is none other than a Venom “Sweet Dream” soft plastic bait.

Texas rig

Rigging it Texas style, I quickly caught a three and a half pound bass out of a brush top. David followed that up with a lunker of his own. The sun was beginning to get low in the sky and the bass got active.

Spotting a swirl near a brush top I pitched a smoke colored “Dream” that landed right on the money. Instantly the bass wallowed and engulfed the bait. As I drove the steel home, the lunker fish came unglued and fought with the strength and fury of a bass twice its size. After finally subduing the bass we landed and admired him before quickly releasing him to grow some more.

David and I continued to catch bass on the Sweet Dreams. Working a steep bank he caught yet another lunker and things were really heating up. Shortly after that I cast my lure in about the same area and another oversize bass smashed it. This one was obviously enraged from the steel hook set and he made his wrath known.

Round and round the boat the bass swam before getting momentarily hung up on a submerged tree limb in the middle of the cove. There was no horsing the bass on my spinning tackle rigged with 10-pound line however. After a few minutes of battle, the bass finally wore down and we took photos and released it. The bass weighed in at 5 pounds, 8 ounces and was some kind of fighter.

Bass in waiting

Moving on down the shoreline White pitched his Sweet Dream right on top of another hungry lunker bass that literally inhaled the bait the split second it landed. Almost instantly the water exploded with a fury as the big bass fought for its freedom. The old sow had obviously spawned recently and was now trying to go on a feeding binge to regain her strength and weight.

As the hefty bass wallowed and tail walked on the water it was all White could do to keep her from tearing free and escaping. Quite a few exciting moments ensued before he finally wore her down and brought her into the net. After a little celebration and picture taking he released the seven-pound whopper to grow and fight another day. While it’s okay to keep some to eat, you’ve got to give them time to grow to trophy size before taking them out of the water.

If you’re looking to catch a lunker bass then look no further than your local bait shop. Stop in and ask them if they have some “Sweet Dreams” made by Venom baits. Give them a test run, you’ll be glad you did, I guarantee!

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