The Madrigal Dinner at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was magical. Greg Proctor, rector of the church, did a splendid job acting a fool.

Greg filled in just three days before the dinners held Friday and Saturday. The role of the Lord of Misrule was to be played by Ronnie Miller who had to have two, count ‘em two, back surgeries within a week — Dec. 5 and Dec. 12.

Here’s hoping Ronnie has a swift recovery.

Even though Greg had to use some cheat notes, he was great, weaving through the tables full of people, messin’ with the guests.

The rest of the cast was outstanding, too. The food was great. It’s something those who love Christmas and knights and good food and wine and maidens and kings and fools should make plans to attend next year.

She said yes

Wedding bells could be heard in the distance last week at the Meridian Little Theatre playhouse just after the closing show of “The Foreigner.”

Shae McGowin, who played Catherine Simms in the play, was surprised by her boyfriend, Blake Fuller of Marion. He proposed to her onstage during the curtain call — what a ham!

Seriously, it was very sweet. Shae cried. I think some people in the audience cried, too.

Shae said it was a total surprise to her. “I almost fainted,” she told me later.

Shae is originally from Meridian. She recently returned here after living in Dallas and is a first grade teacher at West Hills Elementary School. Her family lives in Chunky. She is the daughter of Charlie and Renee Hoffer. Blake is the son of Sandi Murff.

The newly engaged couple has set a wedding date of June 2.

Some can’t say no

I thought giving Miss USA Tara Conner a second chance Tuesday was a nice gesture by Donald Trump, but I’m not buyin’ this ‘I’m an innocent small-town Kentucky girl who got caught up in the big city lights and all’ defense.

Believe me, they have alcohol in Kentucky, too — even in the dry towns. I betcha a lot of New Yorkers wouldn’t survive a weekend in Paducah, but that’s another story.

I wish more people in the limelight who screw up would admit that they screwed up, that they thought they could get away with it and lied about whatever it was but it didn’t work, then apologize and try to do better without providing excuses as to how it was all somehow out of their control because of their being under the influence, Mel Gibson ... or because of their anger, Michael Richards ... or because they were on a secret mission Ray Boswell.

It’s not easy. It’s hard to do those things and it doesn’t mean people won’t still try to persecute you, ask Bill Clinton — but, at the very least, it shows those of us who are watching a little respect.

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