I hate days like today: cloudy, rainy, blah, blah blah.

Don’t you just wish the sun would come out already?

OK, now that that’s off my chest, I can start writing.

First off, we have been updating portions of our site the past few weeks — particularly the Life and Meridian 360 sections — so please accept our apologies if a few things are missing. We are working on it.

Speaking of 360, I’m curious what you print readers thought about the new entertainment section (headed up by Managing Editor Steve Gillespie). It hit the streets for the first time last Thursday.

Let me know what you thought.

Basketball is over …

I have to admit I’m also a little bummed today because the college basketball season has officially come to an end. And boy did the Gators rep the SEC well last night. What a game. The most incredible thing: they won every game in the NCAA tournament by at least 8 points. That’s pretty darn strong.

Tax burden …

Look for a good story coming up in this Sunday’s (April 8) paper. Reporter Georgia E. Frye is working on a package about how the tax burden is for Meridian residents compared to others around the state. Do we pay more or less for car tags and annual property taxes? If you have an opinion you’d like to share on the subject, e-mail Georgia at gfrye@themeridianstar.com

Have a good week!

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