Meridian Star

May 18, 2013

Richmond leaves Clarkdale for Neshoba Central

Tony Tsoukalas
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Former Clarkdale High School head football coach Chris Richmond is leaving the team to serve as a position coach at Neshoba Central next season. Richmond, who went 1-21 in his two seasons as the  Bulldogs head coach said the move to Neshoba will help him stay closer to his family

     “My wife's family is up there,” Richmond said. “We have two young kids, and during football season, it was hard to keep up with my kids. So, just having family around and near by will help.”

    Richmond said he will coach players on both sides of the ball while at Neshoba, however, his role with the team is still undefined. Despite being excited about the future, Richmond said the decision to leave Clarkdale was a difficult one.

    “Giving up the head coaching job was kind of hard, because it was always my dream,” Richmond said. “It was a hard decision, but I'm moving back up to a bigger school, and I think in the end it will pan out. I think I will be able to climb that ladder again.”

    Though the Bulldogs did not achieve success on the field in Richmond's two years, the former head coach said he is proud of the off-field progress the program made.

    “I guess there might be some people who are disappointed in me and disappointed in the way things went,” Richmond said. “There is no way I could have foreseen the seasons and how they happened the way they did.

    “We did a lot of good things at Clarkdale though. We got a weight room, we built some new lockers, and the numbers were coming up in the program. One night, we even had two young men saved. Wins and losses, no, but  we had some big times there.”

    Before joining Clarkdale as head coach in 2011, Richmond served as defensive coordinator at both West Lauderdale High School and Kosciusko High School.

    “I've learned a lot,” Richmond said. “I think next time, I will know how to be a head coach and do things right. I've learned the ins and outs of being a head coach, and I think my experience at Clarkdale will really help me grow.”