Meridian Star

February 16, 2014

A special connection with Northeast Lauderdale

By Robby Atkinson
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — I was very honored this past week to be a part of a great event at Highland Baptist Church and it was a fun event as well. The Northeast Lauderdale baseball team hosted its 1st Annual, First Pitch Banquet almost a week ago at Highland Baptist Church. The event gave the community an opportunity to meet the 2014 Northeast Lauderdale baseball team and the dinner was also delicious as well. I never knew that so many sweet treats could fit on one table at such an event and I want to give the parents at Northeast a huge tip of the cap for that part of night. The food was delicious and the speaker was equally as enjoyable for the first ever banquet for the baseball program at Northeast Lauderdale.

    I know that I have mentioned several times since I started writing the columns that I work primarily at Meridian Community College, but I also contribute to other schools in the area as well. I have extensively talked about my involvement with Meridian High School as the radio play-by-play announcer, but many people may not know that I have a special connection with Northeast Lauderdale as well. I became the public address announcer for the Northeast Lauderdale baseball team six years ago and it is hard to believe that the seventh season is about to begin. I have enjoyed my time out at Northeast Lauderdale and have gotten the opportunity to get to know some great people.

    I was sitting at the table preparing for the baseball banquet the other evening and I just looked around the room and the memories were awesome to think about. I have seen a lot of these players grow up at Northeast Lauderdale and they have all turned out to be fine young men. I also sat there and thought about the awesome memories of watching the new coaching staff at Northeast during their playing days. I had the opportunity to watch all three of the new assistant coaches at Northeast play right here at Meridian Community College.

    Tyler Vick, Todd Doolittle, and Drew Snider are all new assistant coaches at Northeast this season under the direction of first-year head coach Josh Snider. Vick, Doolittle, and Drew Snider all played there college baseball for the Eagles and there are a ton of great stories to tell of their accomplishments on the field. I feel like the Northeast Lauderdale program is very lucky to have these young men coaching for the Trojans because they bring so much to the table. I could spend at entire three pages talking about these three guys, but I will simply say that I am excited to watch these guys coach for the first time.

    The biggest highlight of the night for me was of course getting to introduce Coach Ron Polk. The funny stories and the great message that Coach Polk brings to the podium every time I hear him speak get better each time. It was an honor to get to spend some time with him for just a few minutes and talk about life and baseball. The message he delivered to the Northeast baseball team was very inspiring and can ultimately be used in all walks of life.

    I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the parents and the baseball program at Northeast Lauderdale for allowing me to help with the event. I am truly blessed to be involved with such great people and a great school. I am looking forward to the season and good luck to the Trojans.