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November 5, 2013

Fantasy forecast: Time to prepare for fantasy playoffs

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MERIDIAN — I am very glad that I told you to pick up guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Marvin Jones last week but didn’t tell you to start them on Saturday, because they were among many players who just didn’t do what we expected them to. No matter how your game went this weekend, aren’t you glad that you didn’t pick up Kellen Clemons? Oh, and by the way, welcome to the 2013 season Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

    That’s why they play the games! The Jets and Dolphins surprised us all (fantasy and reality) and what about the Buccaneers playing well? Either way, you are getting to the part of the year now where you have to start thinking about the playoffs. So, you might even look into adding a few players that aren’t helpful now ( like Percy Harvin) but that could be during the playoffs.

To Pick up, or not to Pick up:


Jay Cutler (CHI): Pick up

    This is a “if you have room” add. You never know who might get hurt and even though Cutler may not play in week 10, he will be back for the fantasy playoffs, and in Weeks 12-14 he will get the Rams, Vikings, and Cowboys. So, he may be a good player to stash on your bench for now.

Seneca Wallace (GB): Don’t Pick up

    We will have to see how long Aaron Rodgers is out for, but even if it was forever I would not recommend picking up Wallace. He may surprise me, but if Rodgers is out for an extended period I would expect the Packers to try and pick up someone else to start at quarterback.

Two Guys to watch : Case Keenum (HOU) and Nick Foles (PHI)

    Now if you really feel good, or need help at quarterback right now because you lost Rodgers then go try to claim both guys. They are owned in 1.8 percent and 10.3 percent of ESPN leagues respectively, but both had big games Sunday and should have a firm grip on their teams starting jobs for now.


Zac Stacy (STL): Pick up

    Last week I told you to put this guy on your radar, this week I’m telling you to put him on your team. Now, he was running against Tennessee, and Daryl Richardson was out, but back-to-back games with over 100 yards rushing and 6 receptions this week means go get him if you can.

Mike James (TB): Pick up

James is more of a “help-me-now” player as Doug Martin may return later this yea. But, with over 150 yards against Seattle’s defense I like his chances going forward. Just don’t expect him to throw a touchdowns pass every week.


    If you are looking for wide receiver help , Marvin Jones is still available in 40 percent of leagues and Harry Douglas is still in 19 percent (which makes no sense). If you are looking to capitalize on Justin Blackmon being out for the Jaguars, look at Mike Brown. He isn’t a must start at all but has posted back-to-back good games even when Blackmon was on the field.

Thursday Night Start ‘em Sit ‘em:

    As always, use your head and don’t start a lesser player that you see here just because I like him or sit your best option because I don’t like him. It's always about playing the odds.


Washington: If I have Robert Griffin III as my primary quarterback, or if he is on your roster and your other quarterback doesn’t have a favorable matchup, I would highly consider playing him as this Vikings D is the second worst in the league at stopping opposing quarterbacks.

    That means Pierre Garcon is probably a favorable play to get some yards, as well as Leonard Hankerson (if he plays, hamstring).

    But, as we saw last week this team likes to pound in touchdowns. Alfred Morris will get the majority of yards and carries, but with the emergence of Darrell Young as a goal-line back, his touchdown production should be limited.

    Minnesota: The Washington Redskins defense is worst in the league at stopping the run, and Adrian Peterson is just the man (or machine) to hit em while they’re down.

    Greg Jennings is the best bet for a Vikings receiver to do well. But, even against a D like the Redskins, it is hard to predict what Christian Ponder might or might not be capable of.

    The quarterback and wide receiver's for Minnesota have a good chance to do well. But, just know if you are playing them, you are taking a gamble.

    So, if you decide to  start them, make sure you do your lucky dance before rolling those dice, and best of luck.