Meridian Star

January 11, 2014

ATKINSON: In BCS title FSU was home team for me

Robby Atkinson / Special to the Star
The Meridian Star

—     The spring semester begins tomorrow at Meridian Community College and the excitement of a new beginning is always fun. The world of sports has been very slow on campus over the past few weeks and things will begin to stir in the upcoming days with basketball entering the meat of its MACJC schedule.

    It is hard to believe that the month of February will soon arrive and that will usher in baseball, softball, tennis, and golf that will sure to keep us all on campus extremely busy until May.

     I kept running through different ideas that I could have written my column on this week and kept coming up with a blank since we have been in such a dead period with sports at MCC.

    If you have had the opportunity to read my weekly column over the past couple of months you know how important family is to me in my life. I have been married to my wonderful wife for almost four years and I think she has grown accustom to my love for sports.

    She travels with us on most of road trips when we announce Meridian High football on the radio and makes some of the road trips during baseball season at MCC.

    She has grown to love some of the teams that I love to support and she also loves to watch the games, or at least that's what she says.

    I knew before we got married that she was a huge Florida State fan and of course her being born in Tallahassee made complete sense. I never let it bother me because I always loved to watch the Seminoles growing up and I simply adored Bobby Bowden.

    This past Monday night was a roller coaster of a night in our house and of course it ended with a huge high as FSU defeated Auburn 34-31 for the final BCS National Championship.

    It was not fun at first to watch the game because nothing was going right in the favor of the Seminoles, but things turned around in the end.

    I sat and watched much of the game very torn because I am a huge fan of the Southeastern Conference. I wanted Auburn to win because they are of course a team from the SEC, but another part of me wanted Florida State to win so there would be some joy in the household.

    I hated to see Auburn lose the championship because it was a marvelous story that unfolded during the season and winning the final game would have been the perfect ending.

    Florida State had to earn its third championship in school history over the Tigers and the reaction in our house almost rivaled some of the reactions from Auburn fans on You Tube after the win over Alabama.

    I guess you can say that I am happy for my wife to be able to wear her FSU colors around Meridian with pride and I can freely admit that I am happy as well.

    It was a great ending to a great season in college football and we are all already looking forward to next season.