Meridian Star

January 24, 2014

Fantasy forecast: Charles takes home MVP honors

By Zach Kilpatrick
The Meridian Star

—     The season has been over for several weeks now, and we have all had a chance to sit back and digest who did what in fantasy football this year.         With that being the case, I think it is over-due that I hand out my 2013 fantasy football awards.


    2013 Fantasy MVP: Jamaal Charles- In standard leagues 15 or more points is a big number. There was no WR, no TE, no D/ST that averaged that and there were only three RB, and Charles led that pack by more than two points per game. However, there were 13 QBs who averaged over 15 points, so to me Charles, as a RB, would have done more for a team than Peyton Manning since there were so many great QBs and so few great RBs.

Runner up: Peyton Manning

    2013 Fantasy Rookie of the Year: Eddie Lacy- Lacy was outstanding as a rookie. Not only did he score 198 points in standard leagues, but he broke 200 in PPR leagues. In standard scoring he finished as the sixth best overall RB on an offense that has desperately needed a running game for years.

Runner up: Le’Veon Bell

Best Waiver-Wire Pickup: Nick Foles- He didn’t play until Week 4, didn’t start until after that and still managed to be the 11th best QB and 14th best overall player this year. If you drafted Foles, pat yourself on the back. If you picked him up then send him a thank you tweet.

    Fantasy Stud: Josh Gordon- Gordon was the 43rd WR taken on average and finished as the, wait for it, first overall WR. On average, he was drafted as the 122nd player and finished as the 21st highest scorer. He overcame bad QB play, low expectations, bad weather and proved that he deserves to be THE fantasy stud of 2013.

Runner up: Philip Rivers

    Fantasy Dud: Ray Rice- I didn’t consider any players with injuries here.  Rice was drafted an average of fourth overall and finished tied for 134th. He scored 107 points this season, which means he finished behind Jason Campbell, 22 kickers and 14 D/ST. Who knows what he might do next year, but I imagine he won’t have an average draft position in the first round.

    Best QB: Peyton Manning- This was not a hard decision. With almost four points per game average higher than the second place QB and almost eight points per game over anyone else, no one else even had to be really considered here. Manning was outstanding in real football, and fantasy football this year.

Runner up: Drew Brees

    Best RB: Lesean McCoy- McCoy was great this year. He was the second highest scoring RB and in the top 10 overall. In PPR leagues he was extremely useful, but even in standard leagues he averaged over 16 points per game. Since I am only giving out one award per player, Charles wasn’t considered here. So, McCoy was the obvious choice for me.

Runner up: Matt Forte

    Best WR: Demarius Thomas- Manning made lots of guys really good fantasy options this year, but Thomas is the one that I think could really stand on his own and be great with any QB. He finished one point behind Gordon for the top WR position in standard leagues and averaged 13.75 points per game.

Runner up: Calvin Johnson

    Best TE: Jimmy Graham- This may have been the easiest award to choose this year. Not only did Graham score more than 13 points per game, but he outscored the No. 2 TE by almost 3.5 points per game.

Runner up: Vernon Davis

    Best D/ST: Seattle Seahawks- It’s no wonder the Seahawks are in the Super bowl. I would say that D/ST is probably the one position where fantasy reflects reality the best, and these guys were great all year in both. Scoring 12.2 points per game, the Seahawks deserved this award.

Runner up: Carolina Panthers

    End Note: Next week will be the last ranking article for the season, as I try and rank the players in the Super bowl for those of you still playing. The last article for this season overall will run the week after with a look ahead in my “2013-14 Keepers Rankings” for those of you in dynasty/keeper leagues.