Meridian Star

December 15, 2012

Science and the Bible

By Ron Wood / guest columnist

MERIDIAN —    A doctor of Psychiatry, a Buddhist, challenged me, saying, “You are a Christian only because you were raised in a church.” I answered him, “Yes, I was raised in a church. But no, that is not why I am a Christian.”

    He turned and walked away. A half hour later he found me again and said with insistence, “Then tell my why you are a Christian.”  

    I gave him two answers. The first thing I said was, “I have thoroughly researched the Bible and I have found that it stands the test of accuracy and truthfulness. The Bible tells me, along with recorded history, that Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross by Roman soldiers, suffered for my sins, and was raised again from the dead three days later.”

    I went on to say, “When I was a boy, my mother contracted tuberculosis and was placed in a sanatorium for months with no hope of a cure. When we prayed for God to heal my mother and bring her home, Jesus appeared beside her bed, passed his nail-scarred hand through her chest, and she heard a voice say, ‘When they take the x-rays, it will be gone.’ The next day they took more x-rays. The doctor returned to say, 'Mrs. Wood, all we can find are scars where you used to have TB. You came in here positive but now you are negative. We need to run more tests to be sure you are cured.’ They confirmed she was free of TB and soon released her. That is why I am a Christian, because Jesus is alive!”

    He turned and walked away without saying another word.

    Someone with a testimony is not at the mercy of someone with an argument. I know what the Lord has done in my life. It is real and I am not shy about it.

    In this modern age, our young people face a lot more challenges to their faith than we did growing up. A lot of young people go off to college as believers and graduate as scoffers, thanks to atheistic professors.

    The more we learn of real science, the easier it becomes to put doubt in its place and justify faith in God as being rational and reasonable. God doesn’t want us to check our brains at the door when we go to church. Science and the Bible are not necessarily at odds with one another. God’s truth, when examined, will stand vindicated.

    Science deals with observations around which plausible theories have developed. Drop something, it falls downward. Freeze water, it becomes ice. Smash two halves of a uranium sphere together, and you get an atomic chain reaction. Einstein showed us that energy and mass (and time and space) are related.

    In my opinion, if Darwin had known about DNA, and if he had known about the age of the earth, perhaps he would not have proposed his theory and left God out. Why? Because we now know that DNA is too complex. Life could not occur by chance alone … there has not been enough time!

    Quantum physics has shown there are more dimensions than we can see. At least 10 are required for the Big Bang. Just one more dimension and miracles are explained.

    All we humans can sense are the three dimensions that affect space, plus time. Astronomers have shown that the universe had a starting point — perhaps 14 billion years ago — based on the known speed of light and the farthest stars. So the universe had a beginning just like the Bible tells us in Genesis. As for its age, who knows for sure? When God “stretched out the heavens” not only did space expand but our measure of time was distorted.

    As for me, I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist. Instead, I believe in God and the only truth that makes sense — the Bible’s story of how we got here and why.

    Pastor Ron Wood is with Trinity Assembly of God in Meridian. Visit the church website at or call 601-483-8189.