Meridian Star

December 8, 2012

A tiny bit of life

By Ron Wood / guest columnist
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —    I held a tiny bit of life in my hands. It was so fragile, so helpless, poised on the verge of living or dying. It was a small black and white warbler, the size of a boiled egg, fully feathered, but obviously hatched this year. It crouched on the floor inside the Bonita Lakes Mall, huddled against a wall, watching me intently as I bent down to look.

    Can you imagine the peril this little creature felt? It was trapped in a glass-walled bunker with frightening noises, with no food or water, exhausted from its attempts to break free back into its wild habitat. So vulnerable, it would surely die very soon.

    And here comes this large, looming, animal — a powerful man — who compared to this tiny bird, is so superior, so gigantic in size, so capable of almost anything with its hands, lumbering into view, heading right for it, reaching down for it, while it is preparing to take its last halting breath before being crushed ... or maybe eaten alive!

    Amazingly, the little bird froze still long enough for me to scoop it up into my cupped hands. Then it fluttered and struggled to get free. I can still feel its tiny wings beating against my fingers. I held it carefully so as not to cause it any harm while I walked toward the nearest automatic door. Outside in the sunshine, I turned toward some shrubs and grass. As soon as I opened my hands, it darted away like a skyrocket!  

    Have you ever felt hopeless? We humans can sometimes feel like that trapped bird, unable to save ourselves. When I was a boy, my dad (who was an unsaved rebel most of his life) said to me, “Son, even an atheist, if he’s in a car wreck, lying bleeding by the road, will cry out to God.”  I’m thankful my dad finally acknowledged the Lord Jesus.

    What if God shows up? Will you be scared? Does he mean to do you harm? Imagine if you were that tiny little bird when suddenly a god-like figure bends down with his mighty hand … but we don’t know what to think! Is it a hand of mercy, or a hand of anger? Can I trust this powerful person? What is he like? Will he kill me? Will he crush me? Will he lock me in a cage? Or, will he love me and let me be free to soar with joy-filled wings?

    My pregnant daughter sent me a text. She and her husband had just left the clinic where she saw her first sonogram. “Everything is great!” she said. “The baby weighs about one pound and is due next March.” Wonderful news for grandpa and grandma!

    My daughter was carrying a tiny bit of life, precious to her even before its birth. All life is a miracle, especially our own babies. Unborn human life is such a priceless gift but it is so easily swept away by abortion. I think a mother’s womb should be a safe place, don’t you? But in America that’s not always true. I hope that changes.

    Since abortion became legal, 52 million babies have been terminated. Some child born in 1972 would now be 40 years old. He or she would have kids, a career, be voting, and also paying taxes. But that’s all lost, wasted. No … waste is too weak. It is wicked. It is wrong.

    But at least I saved the baby bird.  

    Ron Wood is pastor of Trinity Assembly of God, Chandler Road at State Boulevard in Meridian. Visit the church website at, or call 601-483-8189.