Meridian Star

September 29, 2012

The Hope of the Maasai Tour

Special to The Star
The Meridian Star


    For years, the Maasai living in Simanjiro Tanzania had little hope for the future. The world was closing in around them, an unknown disease (AIDS) was threatening to destroy them, and they were losing the never-ending fight to sustain life in a desolate land. Then God began to reveal himself to members of the community. One group of Maasai saw the needs around them and decided to do something about it.

    The En-kata project is a collaboration between Pamoja Ministries and MAPED, combining the strength and faith of the Maasai and the resources of the West to enable community development.

    The core of the En-kata project is the En-kata Choir and the incredible, authentic music being written by the members of the choir. As the choir travels, they are impacting the Maasai with a comprehensive message of hope and transformation

    This Fall the En-Kata Choir is coming to North America, including here in Meridian. This tour will help their school to expand its capacity, and provide the graduating kindergarteners with first-grade classrooms to move into.

    They will be sharing songs and stories from the heart of Africa. Along with the live performances, they will be traveling with a photo book which shows life in Maasailand in vivid color.

    The En-Kata choir will be at Christ Community Church on Highway 39 North on Oct. 3 at 7 p.m..

    To learn more about En-Kata, you can visit: