Meridian Star

October 13, 2012

Church helps parents in teaching their kids

The Meridian Star

— According to Mike Russell, Pastor of Oak Hill Baptist Church, there are seven different learning styles; and he says that knowing these styles can greatly benefit a person when in a learning situation; especially children.

    “Every person has usually one or two dominant learning styles,” Russell says. “Parents will have an opportunity to come to a seminar here at our church to learn those seven styles.”

    At the seminar Russell says that after parents have identified which learning style their child has, they can see a breakthrough in their education.

    “After the seminar parents will take a few minutes and fill out a survey and learn what their own basic learning styles are. Those with a child in the third grade or older will take an instrument home with them that they can use with their children to try and determine what their learning styles are,” Russell explained.

    Some of these styles are linguistic, visual, and musical to name a few.

    “For instance, one of my basic learning styles intrapersonal; which means I need to be secluded and in total silence; that's the environment I need to be in where I can learn the best.” Russell said.

    Russell says the seminar is free to all parents as their church sees this as a growing need.

    “It's free, but we would like it if people would pre-register as we will have printed materials to give out,” Russell said.

    The seminar will be held Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. at the church. To pre-register or for more information call (601) 482-5583.

    The church is located at 6201 Highway 493 here in Meridian.