Meridian Star

November 30, 2013

Taize service at Trinity Presbyterian time of reflection

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The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Warm candle light, hushed voices, soft and reverent music … so begins the service of Taize (pronounced teh-ZAY). A reverent hour of worship follows for those in attendance.  

    This is not your usual Sunday morning worship service, but rather a more quiet, meaningful time to truly get in touch with God’s voice deep within. With extended periods of silence, melodic hymns and Scripture readings, the Taize service offers time for reflection and true worship.  

    In today’s world of never-ending noise, we sometimes long for the quiet moments of solitude we need to genuinely praise God and listen to what He wants us to hear. Taize provides us with this opportunity. As one congregant observed after a recent Taize’ service at Trinity Presbyterian Church, “The ten minutes of silence alone was worth the experience.”  

    The Taize’ service takes its name from a village in the Burgundy region of France. The community was founded in 1940 by Brother Roger and became a haven for refugees during World War II when he hid many Jews who were fleeing the Nazi occupied zone of France.  

    Brother Roger believed his calling was to form a community of reconciliation between divided Christians and divided nations; a refuge where love and kindness would be at the heart of all things.  

    Today, the Taize Community consists of more than 100 brothers, Protestant and Catholic alike, from more than 30 nations. Over the years, young adults have traveled to Taize in ever greater numbers.  

    Coming from every continent on earth, more than 1 million pilgrims visit the community each year to take part in weekly meetings.  Each week during the summer months, thousands of young people can be found camping out on the hillsides surrounding the community and participating in prayer, Bible study and the services of Taize’.  

    For those of us unable to make the pilgrimage to Taize’, we can nevertheless experience Taize’ right here in Meridian. Trinity Presbyterian Church, 4223 Poplar Springs Drive, will be offering a Taize’ service Thursday, Dec. 5 at 7pm and then again on the first Thursday of each month from February through May 2014.  

    We invite you to leave your busy world behind for an hour and let God fill your heart with peace.