Meridian Star

April 27, 2013

Like the days of Noah

By Ron Wood / guest columnist
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — There are many scenarios of the end of the age. Many assume apocalyptic events that result in chaos, death, and global distress. These ideas instill fear and gloom. A logical question is this: is impending dread the way we should now be living? I think not. We need a dose of our Founder's faith!

    My problem with dire predictions is not that they are wrong, but that they omit the power of Christ and the inexorable advance of his kingdom. Therefore, they cede control of history to some figure representing Satan's power. They promote a mindset of losing; of escaping; the need to flee; as though God is too small and the devil is too big. A foreboding sense of defeat is the default position. Run to the nearest cave! Really?

    Who created time and space and all of life? Who is Lord of history? Who said, "I will build My church and the gates of hades will not prevail over it?" Who is Alpha and Omega? Who will stand at the climax of history crowned as King? It is Jesus our risen Savior! This ultimate victory is the end of the story as revealed in the Bible. This is what the apostles and prophets wrote. This is why they did not fear facing death and died as martyrs.

    From this prophetic picture of certain victory, I want to suggest a slightly different perspective on final events, the season we now are entering.

    Jesus said these last days would be like those of Noah, the righteous man who built an ark. (Luke 24:37) In Noah's day, supernatural evil beings defiled humanity until the flood came and took them all away. It is happening again. The apostle Peter said these last days would have two features: 1) indulging the flesh; 2) despising authority. (2 Peter 2:10) It is true today that any restraints of sexual license is universally resisted, as is any sense of need for accountability to a higher power or personal responsibility. So immorality and lawlessness are now the prevailing ethos of postmoderns.

    Is the devil still at work? Yes. Is the power of Antichrist now at work? Yes. But I have faith that what Jesus paid for on the cross will be finally delivered to Him. I am looking for Christ to appear IN His church before He returns FOR His church.

    Three things convince me that we are in the last days: 1) Israel's rebirth as a nation on its own land in Palestine; 2) the maturing of The Church, The Bride of Christ, due to the emergence of contemporary apostles and prophets; 3) the ripening of the global harvest fields to be reaped by the gospel.

    We are all eyewitnesses of history but we can slant the story to fit our fears. Where is your faith? If we take our blinders off; if we read the Book with God's perspective in mind; if we hear what the Spirit is saying to us; we will take heart with renewed faith that God is not dead; the emerging church is alive; the nations really do belong to Christ; and... the devil's goose is cooked!  

    Ron Wood is pastor of Trinity Assembly of God in Meridian. The Father's Power program is heard each Sunday at 8am and 7pm on SuperTalk 103.3 FM. Visit our website at  Phone: 601-483-8189.