Meridian Star

September 29, 2012

God’s playbook best guide for coaches

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The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     On Sept. 13 the Fellowship of Christian Athletes played host to a myriad of coaches and coaches’ families from around the District 5 FCA region. The event, hosted in the fellowship hall of Central United Methodist Church, was aimed at encouraging the men and women who to lead youngsters on the field of play.  

    Just less than 100 attendees heard the gospel from state FCA director, Bill Buckner, and filled up at an “all-you-can-eat” catfish buffet provided by First Baptist Church of Meridian, under the direction of Bro. Wayne Polk.  

    In almost certainty, athletic teams tend to meet post-term at some sort of banquet or dinner and reflect on their season, their accomplishments and their highlights. Awards such as, “Most Improved,” or, “Best All Around,” will be given alongside the recounting of memories from days gone by.  

    The aim of this event hosted by District 5 FCA was to take a proactive approach towards FCA’s vision: To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.”  

    We hold fast to the statistics proposed by the Billy Graham Institute that the coach is the most influential person on our school campuses. We at FCA believe that there are little guys all over our school campuses, in our field houses, behind our bleachers, on our courts and playing on the playgrounds of our schools, that will by default admire and ultimately follow the coaches who stand at the helms of our athletic programs.  

    Because the little guys are following the coaches, we want to take every effort to see to it that the coaches are following the Heavenly Father.  He is the ultimate coach. His principals and standards apply to every sport, every situation and every athlete. His playbook, the Bible, has withstood the tests of centuries and its truths hold steadfast to this very day. The games we play, and the lessons we teach our youngsters through sports, ought to teach them more than winning and losing; they should teach healthy character and values such as integrity, teamwork, service and excellence.  

    These are the exact values that the ministry of FCA and this event in particular are attempting to encourage in the lives of our D5 FCA coaches.  

    If you’d like to be a part of FCA on your local campus, please feel free to contact Brandon Dewease at 601-934-6561 or visit us on the web at D5FCA.ORG.