Meridian Star

March 15, 2014

My helmet of hope

By Ron Wood
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — While rich atheists buried in tailored suits are all dressed up with nowhere to go, the humblest and poorest among us who have trusted in Jesus will be raised up to new life with an immortal body.

    That new body for us Christians will be like Jesus’ body after he walked out of the tomb. It was able to pass through doors, enter into heaven, and even eat food on earth. Immortality is what God intended for humans.

    At times I’ve had misguided unbelievers, honest skeptics, Hindus, Muslims, or opinionated secularists (who worship the false god of science) debate with me about what is true. But since I have eyes to see and a brain that works, I believe in God.

    I stick with the story written in nature by the Creator. I know the special disclosure of God’s ways, written in the Bible. Most especially, my faith is centered in a Person: Jesus the Son of God, my Savior, God’s “Final Word” to all mankind.

    We who rise on that resurrection day will never again feel pain or hunger; never again face death; and never be judged for our sins. Instead, we will inherit the earth and participate in the reign of Jesus the King.

    The writings of the prophets in the Old Testament and the letters of the apostles in the New Testament call this great historic global future event, “The Resurrection” or “The Day of the Lord.”

    For us believers in Jesus, it is our great hope. All suffering - all of life’s unfair hurts – will be put right by the mercy of that event. All persecution endured by the faithful will be rewarded by the justice of that event. The proud and mighty will be put down and the humble will be exalted.

    This mass resurrection of Jesus’ followers will coincide with a global event that will shock unbelievers, shake the nations, and awaken Israel to her destiny.

    This “Happening” will occur as the most frightening spectacle ever in human history:  the extravagant, noisy, public, showy, triumphant return of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus, as He is accompanied to earth by the resurrected saints in their glorified bodies along with millions of mighty angels.

    While Christ’s first advent was as a sacrificial Lamb to take away our sin, His second advent will be as a roaring Lion to rule the nations … and they need ruling.

    As the last verse of the Bible in the Book of Revelation says, “Even so, come Lord Jesus!” I can’t wait.

Ron Wood is a pastor, writer, columnist, and former Meridian resident. You can contact him at