Meridian Star

May 11, 2013

The power of a praying mother

By Ron Wood / guest columnist
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — I had a praying mother. She kept her family covered in prayer, invoking heaven's favor on our lives. While other kids around me became addicted to alcohol, or destroyed by lust, or crime, or drugs, I was kept safe. It was like angels were watching over me. What difference did it make for me to have a praying mother?

    It meant I had an edge in life — help I didn't deserve — to find God's will and be able to do it. It meant that when I was ill, I had loving care plus fervent prayers for healing. It meant that when I needed good work or an education, amazing opportunities opened up. It meant that when it came time for me to find a wife, the perfect mate appeared: a young Christian woman with blond hair, a beaming smile, and an infectious laugh that lit up the room; a "precious stone" sent to me from Meridian!

    I thank God that I knew firsthand the power of a praying mother. I am humbled and grateful that I saw the power of prayer exercised through a lady not ashamed to kneel, to cry out to God, to seek help from the Lord. The fact is, God often paves the way for His plans by enlisting a woman as His agent to advance His kingdom here on the earth.

    Imagine the Lord looking down upon Israel centuries ago. He wanted to bless His people with divine order; to move them from an association of tribes to become a strong nation. His actions, if they succeeded, would produce a king who would unite the tribes and defeat Israel's enemies. That king was David. How did God begin this multi-generational plan? With one woman, Hannah.

    Hannah was childless. She turned to the Lord and sought Him with intense prayer. She went to the house of God and poured her heart out. Eli the priest saw her travail and at first thought she was drunk. But after she explained her distress, the priest blessed her and she went away in peace.

    In due season Hannah gave birth to a son — Samuel. She dedicated him to the Lord. When he was older, she placed him in service with the priest. That was when the Lord began to talk to Samuel, reveal His will, and show him secrets. Samuel became a mighty prophet of the Lord and was the key man who anointed David the shepherd to become the King of Israel. Was Hannah important?

    No Hannah? Then no Samuel. No Samuel? Then no David. No David? Then no nation of Israel and ... no Messiah born as our Savior.

    Fast forward to the present. Imagine that the Lord is looking down upon the city of Meridian, wanting to save us from social disintegration, awaken us from our false religious security, and turn our city into a beacon of hope. If His plan is successful, waves of revival will gather in a lost generation; prosperity will overtake our citizens; truth will sanctify our culture; and our streets will become safe. What does the Lord require for this plan to succeed? What is presently missing from Meridian? I hear ... silence.  

    I hear no Hannahs weeping and wailing before the Lord for the church's barrenness. We are missing our intercessors, therefore, we are missing our prophetic offspring. Where are the women whose hearts are broken; who refuse to forfeit their children's destiny to darkness; who will fight for the future in fervent prayer; travailing to usher in a new era of hope?

    Ron Wood is pastor of Trinity Assembly of God. Hear The Father's Power on 103.3 FM at 8 a.m. and

7 p.m. on Sunday.