Meridian Star

April 20, 2013

The Father’s Power

By Ron Wood / guest columnist
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —    I have been developing a radio show in Meridian called The Father’s Power. The name comes from a teaching I used in the mid 80s when we lived in an area of Dallas that had a large percentage of fatherless families.

    In fact, of all the homes surrounding our house, not one home on the entire block had a resident father present in any direction I could look. Seeing a felt need, I taught on radio and at the YMCA on Father-Power. I emphasized the biblical role of the man and highlighted the need for a man to do his duty and stay with his wife and children.

    My twin brother, a Christian businessman, took up that same topic and wrote a wonderful book entitled, “Father Power.” It is a terrific book. In fact it is so good, I wish I had written it. I am tempted to bootleg some copies and change one letter on the cover from the author, Don Wood, to my name, Ron Wood!

    The weekly show I am producing is partly interview, partly commentary, and partly biblical discussion. After the recent broadcast discussed teenagers sharing Christ in public schools, the sexual slave business in America, and the devil’s desire to oppress our children, I realized that this is important stuff.

    Nobody else is talking about it. In fact, Jody Dyess said that some pastors told him not to bring it up in their churches. But our kids are already exposed to this realm, big time. They know what’s going down.

    I think we need to talk about tough issues. In fact, I believe one reason our children are unprepared for the pressures of public school, the pull of a sexually promiscuous society, and the power of evil forces, is that the church remains silent. Sticking our head in the sand won’t make problems go away. We can’t pretend evil is not evil, especially while our children and teens are being taken captive by the darkness of this present age. Parents and pastors both need to speak the truth of God to our young people. We can’t leave a vacuum for Satan’s lies to fill.

    The recent terror bombing at the Boston Marathon was a shocking reminder that real evil is present in this world. It is always lurking, looking for any opportunity, waiting to steal, kill and destroy innocent lives. This is precisely the way our Savior described the devil in John 10:10. Let’s not be naive but vigilant.

    I have absolute confidence in the power of the truth to overcome any lie just as light can always overcome darkness.

    Given the truth of God, our young people can stand tall and stay free despite the corruption in contemporary society. We owe them the chance to do that. We are obligated to equip our youth with all of the weapons of spiritual warfare described in the Bible that they need in order to win against evil.

    Ron Wood pastors Trinity Assembly in Meridian. The Father’s Power program airs on WZKR, 103.3 FM, 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday. Trinity Assembly is located at State Boulevard Extension and Chandler Road. Phone  601-483-8189 or visit the church website at