Meridian Star

September 21, 2013

It isn’t easy being green …

By Ron Wood
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Kermit the Frog, of Muppet fame, made that line famous in his song. I can think of a few other things that are not easy, like being a true conservative. I mean a genuine conservative, not a cheap imitation. I may act like an ordinary American. I may even watch television now and then.

     But after I see the New York media news-puppets spin the facts to suit their story line, I suddenly feel the need to enroll in an anger management class! Do you ever talk back to the TV?

    Being a conservative today is a lot like being a left-handed student placed in a room with nothing but right-handed desks. You just don’t feel welcome. Before you put words in my mouth, bear with me. I’m not describing what you are probably thinking.

    What is a real conservative? Here’s my viewpoint. I hold to a rational belief system that says there is a “cause and effect” that operates in this world. This belief is more basic than mere political choices. It is based on the observation of outcomes. I am practical, not an ideologue.

    For example, I know that “life is.” Therefore, something “caused” life. Knowing what we do now - about complex structures in cells, the Big Bang, and the age of the universe - we can reasonably conclude that life did not evolve without DNA first being deliberately designed.

    So, I can believe in dinosaurs, special creation, and an anthropic-tuned universe that’s scientifically suited for human beings living on the earth.

    Cause and effect means that for every action there must be a reaction. If you heat water, it will boil. If you spend too much money, you run up a debt that must be repaid. This is reality. This is how life works. It holds true in science, in finances, in personal choices, and in politics.

    Experimenting with theories (like redefining the family so fathers are not needed) brings unintended consequences. Rewriting history does the same. For example, should we deny America’s covenant foundation? No! Socialism is a lie. It makes communities and economies weaker.

    American exceptionalism isn’t based on our willingness to go to war, but on our nation’s “Appeal to Heaven” as believed by our founding fathers. Might doesn’t make right. But being right with God makes us mighty.

    Can you use cause and effect to predict outcomes? Yes, you can. This is a principle more powerful than saying, “I am a Democrat” or “I am a Republican.” What causes are affecting your life? Is it absolute truth? Is it God’s Word? Or do personal preferences trump moral responsibility?

    Let’s think seriously about fundamental issues. Examine your assumptions. Why? Error, when it’s examined, becomes weaker. Truth, when it’s examined, gets stronger. Stand for what is true and right even if it makes you feel like someone colored green!

    Ron Wood ministers at Trinity Assembly of God in Meridian.  601-483-8189.  Hear “The Father’s Power” program on 103.3 FM each Sunday at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.