Meridian Star

January 26, 2013

Lost in America

By Ron Wood / guest columnist
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —    Maybe this is how our black and Hispanic neighbors have always felt — left out,  on the fringe, powerless. Watching the pageantry of the Inauguration Day activities left me feeling sad. The sky was blue but to me it looked gray. I realized that I had become a minority in my own country: an employed white male taxpayer who does not depend on government hand-outs and is a Christian.

    My wife and I have been reading Tip O'Neill's autobiography. I miss the days when men of goodwill could fiercely debate their ideas then share camaraderie like Tip and Reagan did, instead of bitter partisanship. Acrimony and suspicion pollute our political environment. It is not fun to watch.

    I am worried about our future as a free people. It isn't just the ultra-wealthy who are now being impacted by strangling taxes and tedious regulations, but the little people, the low-profile job-creators like my son-in-law's small business. I am worried that the majority of Americans don't worry about our ballooning national debt or our runaway train of federal spending. Yet I feel powerless to fix it. I worry about political correctness muzzling our freedom of speech, so that voices of conscience are silent when addressing morality.

    Can I celebrate that America's long apartheid has been laid to rest? Yes! I am glad that America could elect a black president. But I am sad that Obama is a radical socialist and an elite progressive. I am sad that the era of Reagan is over. I am sad that the Republican Party did such a handy job of political suicide.

    OK, so Obama was dealt a tough hand to begin with. Recession had begun. Wall Street's corporate greed and their banker buddies, the cabal of financial manipulators behind the scenes, got uncovered. But none of them went to jail. They just wiped out a generation's retirement savings. But Obama made it worse. He spent his first term doubling down on health care, not creating jobs. Now his second term is aimed at immigration, global warming and gay rights. His focus is bent on maintaining Democratic dominion. I don't get it. Don't we deserve a president who leads in behalf of all the people, not just his party?

    Now in spite of all this, I have hope. Why? Because, my trust is in God. The Lord gave us this great land. The Lord blessed us to build this great nation. If we call on Him, if we confess and forsake our sins, He will hear us and heal our land. America has been the great defender of liberty, of the Church, and of Israel. God has blessed America. May we be purged of all racism, hatred, and bigotry!

    One more factor comes into play — prayer.  I am praying for our president and so are many Christians across America. Prayer changes things. The Bible commands us to pray for all those in authority. Leaders need wisdom, protection, and good counselors. Perhaps Obama will realize, like King David did, that the Lord brought him to power for the sake of His people, not for his own ambition. My prayers are with Mr. Obama. (Next week: Racism is a Sin)

    Ron Wood pastors Trinity Assembly of God.  Visit the church website online at