Meridian Star

December 14, 2012

Carter Harvests 13 Point Foothills Buck

By Mike Giles / outdoors writer
Mike Giles

MERIDIAN —    Boyd Carter sustained a near death experience as a youngster when he was thrown off a tractor and run over by a bush hog. Though he was severely maimed he did survive and was left with a bum leg which eventually had to be amputated. While some would have cried woe is me and given up, Carter developed a courageous attitude and went about living life on his own terms choosing to relish every opportunity given him. Somewhere along the way a hunter’s heart was born in him and he became a whitetail enthusiast.

    This fall Carter broke an arm and having only one good leg, he was in a bit of a jam, but that didn’t stop him from dreaming about killing the big one and going hunting for it. As the season progressed Carter made plans to come to Meridian and hunt for that big buck. Carter lives in south Mississippi but is a believer when it comes to harvesting deer in The Mississippi Foothills.

    Carter soon arrived in the Mississippi Foothills area just south of Suqualena. “I am a strong believer in scent control,” he said. “This was my first hunt of the weekend; therefore I had scent free clothing. In addition I sprayed myself down from top to bottom (especially my hair and cap) with a scent killer.”

    This season Carter had consciously decided to rely less on grunt calls, especially prior to the rut. But after sitting around all afternoon not seeing a thing he decided to give it a try. “I figured that if a buck was lying up nearby, or one had just moved within hearing distance and was waiting until dark to move in, he might think another buck was already in the plot and move in,” he said.

    “I don't know if that was the case, but I made one series of two or three grunts at 4:30. At about 4:50 I was looking at the big boy as he entered the plot at about 140 yards looking straight at me. I watched him for five or ten minutes as he fed straight toward me.

    Suddenly several does appeared downwind and Carter was worried about his scent. As it turned out he did pretty well applying the scent killer with a broken arm as the does came out downwind and never knew he was there.

    “Applying scent cover up was very important in that the deer came out about 30 to 35 yards down wind of me while I was watching the buck, which was still feeding straight toward me at 125 yards or so,” Carter continued. "Church would have let out early if they had winded me.”

    Finally, as the four deer moved toward him, the buck quartered away slightly to his left, giving Carter a killing shot over the does.

    “Taking the 13 point buck with character (velvet still on his antlers) on this hunt was especially thrilling in that I am an AKA (above the knee amputee) and had a broken arm at the time,” said Carter. “As my mother taught me early on, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’."

    “I love the outdoors and thank the Lord for his entire creation, and for giving us the freedom to enjoy it and harvest fish and game too.” It doesn’t get much better than harvesting a 13 point buck with double brow tines right here at home in The Mississippi Foothills.

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