Meridian Star

August 23, 2013

Mosley takes second in Forrest Wood Cup

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — There’s a new generation of anglers coming onto the professional fishing scene after years of domination by veteran anglers and Brock Mosley, of Collinsville, is one of the rising stars in the sport of bass fishing. Mosley cut his fishing teeth on some of the toughest waters in the country and it’s paying dividends now as he chases his dream of becoming a professional fishermen.

    The former star athlete from West Lauderdale High School has been making a few waves in the fishing world and his latest accomplishment occurred at the Forrest Wood Cup on the Red River where he came in second place and won $10,000 during a tough competition in the Co-Angler division. If you’ve ever fished a tournament from the back of the boat, then you’d know just how tough it is to catch fish behind a fellow professional when you’re both competing for big bucks.

    “I went over to the lake for the practice days and got a feel for it, and then on the first day I caught my best fish of the day on the fifth cast,” Mosley said. “Then I finished my limit by 10:30 and we wanted to gamble so we spent the day looking for quality bites, but never got a big one.” Mosley finished fifth on Day 1 with a limit of bass weighing 8-14.

    Day two was much tougher for the anglers due to increased boat traffic and fishing pressure, but the determined young angler stayed the course and got his limit. “It took until noon to get a limit on the second day and before I could start to cull,” said Mosley.

    “I switched to a frog and started looking for a kicker and finally got one about 1:30,” he said. Mosley’s 4.45 pound fish turned out to be his kicker fish, and he followed that one up by catching a few more on the frog and culling up to his second day total weight of 10 pounds, which gave him a two day combined 10 fish limit weighing 19 pounds, 1 ounce! Mosley’s second place finish was impressive and bested the next finisher by a couple of pounds, which is a big margin in tournament fishing. On a normal Red River tournament that would have been enough to win, but Theo Corcoran had an unbelievable tournament and bested the field by an impressive margin.

    Mosley is currently fishing several tournament trails in his quest for becoming a top ranked professional angler and he’s well on his way to achieving his goal of qualifying for the BASS Elite Series, the Major League of bass angling.

    Although fishing the FLW tour as a co-angler, Mosley is fishing on the boater side in the Everstart Series, the BFL and on the BASS Southern Open Trail. With two tournaments left on the Southern Open Trail, and one being held on Ross Barnett this fall, Mosley, is vying for his first win and achieving that dream of qualifying for the Elite Series.

    “The top five in points qualify for the Elites,” Mosley said. As for fishing the pro trail against other professional anglers, Mosley had a few comments.             “The main thing I’ve had to learn is to tune everything out and concentrate on the fish and what I’m doing during a tournament,” he said. “When I first started fishing some of these tournaments I fished against Roland Martin and some of the other big names I’d watched and seen all my life and it made it tough. But I learned I’ve got to concentrate on catching the fish and just worry about what I’m doing, because if I don’t catch them, it doesn’t matter what they do.”

    “You’ve got to know how to practice, and how to locate fish on unfamiliar waters fast. The two biggest things to me are the mental aspects and decision making during a tournament,” Mosley continued.

    And by the looks of his recent successes Mosley is well on his way to making the proper decisions on the water during tournaments. During the past year the talented angler won a check in all but four of his tournaments and cashed checks in each FLW event while finishing the year in 14th place overall on the trail.

    Mosley just signed with Phoenix Boats and got his first boat from them a couple weeks ago, a beautiful silver black and lime green boat. Other sponsors include Power Pole, Lowrance and Mercury. “My main goal is to qualify for the Elite Series. It’s got the exposure, and everything else that the major sponsors are looking for,” Mosley said. And by the looks of things Mosley is well on his way to achieving that goal!

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