Meridian Star

September 6, 2013

Families in the field

By Mike Giles / Outdoors Writer
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Fall is harvest time in the Mississippi outdoors. It’s a time of gatherings for family and friends with food, fellowship, fun and good times to be had by all. Ah yes, the smell of the southern outdoors brings back memories. Friday night football brings folks together, old memories renewed and new friendships begun.

    Saturday morning and afternoon dove hunts are a sight to behold. Who doesn’t enjoy a day in the field with friends, family and our favorite four legged friends.

    Saturday afternoons are perfect for college football and everybody’s a fan. Excitement fills the air at stadiums all around the South. Stars are born under Friday night lights and legends made on Saturday afternoons. First it was Archie who, and now we hear chants of Johnny who? And still we remember.

    But for many of us weekends are a time of harvest and renewing old friendships. Families in the field are a special sight indeed and last Saturday more memories were made in a Clarke County dove field as they were all around the Magnolia State.

    Uncle Jim and Pawpaw Pat weren’t there in the field with me, but Mikayla was. Mikayla burned a box of shells and killed her first dove and a few others, as she joined the ranks of hunters in the field. Hunting with my family was a big thing during my formative years and I am now passing it on to Mikayla. The doves she shot will be scrumptious and bring back those Saturday afternoon memories again.

    After the hunt, sounds of delight filled the field with laughter from boys and girls alike. Sara Scott, Madelyn and Mikayla had a ball with their doves. They were joined by future hunters like Gray and Jack and Knox. Memories were made with the smell of fresh cut hay, burnt gunpowder, the roar shotguns and the sound of laughter. Ah yes, autumn has begun again with families in the dove field.