Meridian Star

August 10, 2012

Town Come to Country

By Betsy Littleton / Special to The Star
Otha Barham ©

MERIDIAN —    Well, here I am living in the country for the first time in my seventy years. I was born in North Carolina and lived in small towns until I moved to Meridian in 1980. Recently I have purchased a home with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson in the Clarkdale area. Let me put in this first paragraph that I love it.  I am as happy as a June bug in June.

     There are happenings that amaze me that people from this area would take for granted. The first time five deer came up to eat berries in the backyard I was having a fit, taking pictures and showing them to my grandson. This morning to my delight a huge doe came into the yard. My little dogs had a barking fit. I really wonder what they would have done if they had been let out of their fence.

     There is a long beautiful trail down into the woods. Very soon after we moved here my daughter-in-law wanted me to look at some tracks on the muddy path. She thought they were huge. I finally convinced her that they were dog tracks as I had seen a huge dog in the yard earlier that day. I spoke to Otha Barham about these and he said he had observed tracks that people thought were unusual only to discover that they were from a common animal.

      I love walking the trail when weather allows. I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can get out more. My only concern is the things that people have thrown out into the woods.  Wonder why? The walk to the mail box also reveals discarded items.  Maybe this article will get someone to think before they litter our beautiful Mississippi country.

     We have planted flowers and my daughter-in-law and grandson planted a small garden. It looks like the watermelons are going to give us the most return. It has definitely been a learning experience. The need to water because of the extreme heat has gotten away from us. Isn’t it funny that weeds grow regardless of the heat? Farming is apparently very exhausting but I can see from this little experience how rewarding it can be.

     Now let us get to the bugs. We have wasps, dirt daubers, ants galore, small and huge flies, and some of the most unusual spiders I have ever seen. I find the spiders very interesting. I saw one yesterday with a red head and legs and a body that was yellow with black spots. Go figure! My son said he saw one yesterday as big as a silver dollar. I like spiders. However, I will kill one if necessary.

     I have always loved looking at birds. So we put up a bird feeder and it can be the delight of my day to watch them feed.

    Recently I saw a cardinal pushing seed out of the feeder so his mate on the ground could eat! Imagine that.

     My family has purchased bicycles since we moved here. Plenty of space has allowed my grandson to get rid of his training wheels.  He is so proud. They ride the many beautiful close by roads which are all dead ends including the one we live on. Do you think I am going to be left out of this experience? No! As soon as I pay for the new set of tires I had to purchase I am going to buy me an adult tricycle. Wish me luck.   

      Some of you will think all this is simple. However, it is the simple things in life that make us happy. I am discovering so many wonderful things at my country home.

       I do expect to be spending a sizable amount of money on Off bug spray. That is okay. Come take a walk with me in the woods and let’s see what we can discover.