Meridian Star

November 29, 2013

Passion of the Wild

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Life without passion is not much life at all. But if you’re passionate about something then you will do everything you can to pursue that passion. Passion of the wild is something that many people aspire to have, but rarely follow through with. Everybody wants to catch that lunker bass, or kill that big buck. But few want to go to the lengths it might take to achieve that goal.

     And then there are a few people such as Kainen Gilley, Rose Blakeney and Tes Jolly.

    My new book, "Passion of the Wild," takes you into an outdoors world of inspirational people striving to conquer their fears and achieve their dreams. Come and watch as Kainen Gilley, blind from birth, becomes an accomplished hunter. Read about Tes Randle Jolly breaking down barriers and how she became one of the premier wildlife photographers in the country. She’s also an accomplished bow hunter, turkey hunting guide and bowhunting instructor.

    Follow along with 75 year old Mimi Rose Blakeney as she harvests yet another trophy buck in a sport she became passionate about in her golden years, a time when many have already hung up their guns. Listen as Mike Giles purrs a few seductive love notes and entices a pair of wary old gobblers into the gun range of Whitney Adams.

    Follow Mike through trials and triumphs as he battles wild animals with only a Bowie Knife, catches monster fish in the rivers and entices battle worn gobblers with his natural voice into the range of a young Whitney Adams.

    Inspirational stories abound from an eight-year-old youngster to a retired bowhunter clinging to life 20 feet up a tree, hanging on with all of his will.  Read about special hunters like Jayson Roberts and Rocky Blier, as each experience the rhythm of nature and harvest trophy bucks and pursue their own passion for the wild outdoors through tremendous hardships. Passion of the Wild is about a way of life, as people battle adversity, overcome obstacles and enjoy triumphs in the wild.

    Passion of the wild is a lifestyle experienced by passionate hunters all around this great land and is a story begging to be told over and over, again and again. Come along with me and experience my passion of the wild as I head out into the wild outdoors this fall and winter. But be forewarned: Passion of the heart conquers wisdom of the head, so choose your passions wisely.

    Imagine the possibilities and make a difference in someone’s life today. You’ll be glad you did, I guarantee.

    “I always say that our #1 resource here in the great state of Mississippi is our NATURAL resource…the land, the habitat, the wildlife ... And most of all our outdoor people who embrace it. We have a rich tradition blessed with many ‘obsessed’ outdoors men and women, especially outstanding and inspirational outdoor writers. Mike Giles and his body of work in life is definitely one of these!” Toxey Haas Chairman and Founder of Mossy Oak Brand.

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