Meridian Star

June 21, 2013

Lady angler lands lunker bass

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — “I want to go fishing with you before I go to Florida for the summer,” said Jackie Giles. As fate would have it I was on several deadlines and had a guest for the week just prior to my daughter’s departure date for summer mission work in Orlando. Jackie had just returned home from MSU in Starkville and was getting ready to leave for an event filled summer.

    To make things worse it seemed as if somebody had turned up the heat and summer was upon us full blast, but Jackie wanted to go and I didn’t want to let her down. Plans were made and before I knew it we were on the water casting for bass. It didn’t take Jackie long before she got a bite, and then another and then another. Bass were biting pretty well as the sun faded in the west.

    Easing up to a partially submerged stump she pitched a Zoom Brush Hog near the wood and it never slowed down. In a split second she reared back and drove the steel hook deep into the jaws of the bass. After a short battle she wore him down and I quickly netted the fish and the first bass of her summer was history.

    Things picked up from there as Jackie continued enticing bass into biting and catching her share. As we worked our way across a shallow flat bass started busting shad all around us and a couple looked to be lunker sized.

    Digging into my bag of tricks I found a Heddon POP’N IMAGE and tied it on for her. In seconds she was casting and popping the chugger back towards the boat. As the bait, spit, sputtered and walked side to side a lunker bass exploded through the surface, smashed the lure and shot into the air like a rocket!

    Seconds turned into minutes as the battle raged back and forth and the young angler held on for dear life, as the monster bass fought for his own life. As the bass neared the boat he exploded through the surface time and again like a bolt of lightning from out of the blue and tail walked across the water before diving toward the bottom again.

    Time and again the enraged bass wallowed on the water’s surface trying to spit out the stinging Gamakatsu hooks that had penetrated deep into his jaw. But the hooks held fast and the young lady fought resolutely until the bass wore down and neared the boat. It made one last dive for cover and dove straight into the net that I had positioned in anticipation of just such a move.

    What seemed like an eternity at the time in reality lasted only a few minutes and ended with Jackie’s largest bass ever! We fished the rest of the afternoon until the last rays of the sun disappeared to the west, and caught and released quite a few more. Our late afternoon fishing trip was fun, furious and exciting, and we shared an action packed fishing trip and made a lifetime memory in the process!

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