Meridian Star

December 6, 2013

The cutting edge: Aaron Pogue

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Sometimes you just never know what influence you may have on somebody, or how seemingly insignificant things change the course of your life. Aaron Pogue’s move into a new subdivision a while back just happened to put him in contact with a neighbor who made knives. Together they worked on Pogue’s first knife and a spark of desire was lit in the young craftsman.

    “We finished my first knife the week my neighbor moved out of town,” Pogue said. “I liked making that knife so much that I started making them for myself and then for friends after they saw them and requested some.”

    That first knife was made about four years ago and Pogue’s craftsmanship and attention to detail and quality has led to a public demand for more. The knives are very efficient and make really good skinners, which is appropriate this time of year. They are also so much more than utility knives, however. They are both beautiful and functional.

    So many knives are decorative, and made to look pretty and put on shelves, or collect. Pogue’s knives can be collected and traded as well, but the best part is that they fit the function, or use, that the master craftsman has designed them for. Every knife is unique. And that’s part of the beauty of custom made knives; each has its very own special qualities.

    “I met James Yeager who makes the sharpest knives I’ve ever held in my hand,” said Pogue. “He encouraged me to start selling them and I tried it and people wanted them.”

    Pogue’s hobby has evolved to the point that so many people are requesting knives; he is now taking orders and building the knives to the specifications of the buyers. And this budding young entrepreneur is not merely assembling knives from assorted pre-ordered parts as some may do. Pogue’s knives begin from a piece of rectangular metal stock. From that two-inch by 12-inch piece of flat metal comes some of the most beautiful knives you’ll ever see.

    “I like to do everything myself, from designing the knife on paper to rough cutting the steel, heat treating it, to the finished product,” said Pogue. This master craftsman likes to use high carbon steel. “Once you get an edge on it, it will stay and they’re pretty user friendly and you can just touch it up from time to time.”

    Pogue makes the handles out of a variety of things and they are beautiful and durable as well. Pogue’s favorite handle is made from Micarta, which is so tough and durable you just about can’t tear it up.

    “My prettiest knife is a stabilized corn on the cob which looks like snakeskin,” Pogue said. “It’s really cool.”

     Do you want a knife that is light, sharp and easy to handle? Maybe you want a knife that is larger and heavier.  Maybe it’s just a plain skinning knife designed to hold an edge and skin lots of deer. Whatever the case, Aaron Pogue can design a knife based upon your specifications and needs and you’ll have a knife to be proud of, one that will last a lifetime! For more information on Aaron Pogue’s knife making contact him at 601-917-5341 or via Aaron Pogue on Facebook.

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