Meridian Star

April 25, 2014

Chandler’s outdoors passion

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Chandler Giles pitched a Zoom lizard near the shoreline, twitched it, and then reared back and drove the hook deep into the jaws of the hungry bass that had inhaled her tempting offering. After quite a battle her first bass of the day was history and our fishing trip began with a bang.

    Chandler’s fascination with the outdoors and fishing began at an early age while catching bream, bass and crappie and by winning her first fishing tournament at six years old. That positive event at the Sandy Ridge Bream Tournament affirmed a positive desire for catching fish and having fun. While she has a fulfilling and enjoyable job as a home health nurse, she still enjoys relieving a little stress by going fishing.

    As we worked the shoreline pitching Zoom lizards and baby brush hogs into the grass and tree tops the bass couldn’t resist Chandler’s tempting offerings. When she pitched her lizard near a swirl the line never stopped moving as another bass struck hard and headed for deep water. This time she was ready and nailed him good. Minutes later another hard fought lunker battle was over she’d landed another nice bass. After a quick picture she released that bass back so that she could feel the thrill of the catch again later.

    We continued moving along the shoreline as Chandler targeted brush tops and any likely looking bass hangouts. The occasional telltale swirl of a hungry bass was a dead giveaway and almost always resulted in a bite and another bass.

    While it’s hard to catch a lunker bass if you’re not in the right place, or have the right equipment, almost anybody can improve their fish catching abilities by using quality fishing equipment. During our late afternoon fishing trip Chandler was using an Abu Garcia spinning rod and reel combo that was light and strong enough to deliver the goods.

    One of the key elements in Chandler’s success was using Power Pro braid, 20 pound test and 4 pound diameter line, which made for easy casting but plenty of hook setting strength. Even more important was the lack of stretch in the line which made hook setting much easier. It’s hard for many people to set the hook on a worm or lizard, but the Power Pro braid makes it much easier, and it doesn’t impede your ability to draw strikes and catch fish.  

    On this afternoon the bass were hungry and most would hook themselves as they bit and swam off like torpedoes. The tight Power Pro braid actually helped drive the hook in for quicker hook sets. Of course it was up to Chandler to set the hook firmly on those lunker bass that hit.

    As the sun set in the west the fish bit with abandon and the young lady angler caught and released bass after bass and had a great time in the process. Chandler pitched her baby brush hog near a log and another bass crushed the lure. She quickly drove the hook home and the enraged bass exploded through the surface and wallowed wildly as it fought all the way to the boat. This largemouth was no match for this young lady and he was quickly subdued and landed. It just doesn’t get much better than catching fish and making memories with family.

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