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April 18, 2014

Archery Addicts Anonymous – Lesson 016 Beyond the Basic Beginner Bow

The Meridian Star


    Review lessons: 001–Eye Dominance; 002–Draw Length; 003–Draw Weight.  When upgrading from a beginner compound bow to a sophisticated compound bow the primary consideration is this: How do we plan to use the bow–hunting, fishing, or competition?

     Bow fishing is a different discipline with different equipment. Bow fishing is more instinctive shooting sometimes with only a split second to shoot at close range. Bow fishing is another reason we might want to keep our old beginner bow. The beginner Genesis bow would be a great fishing bow.

     Entry level archers ready to explore the new frontier beyond the basic beginner bow should avoid: (1)bows with shorter than a seven inch brace height, (2)bows with less than 32 inches axle to axle.  Short axle to axle and extremely short brace height bows may be super fast but they are unforgiving and absolutely not for beginners or novices.

     The following general suggestions are for both the entry level hunter and competitor.  Depending on the shooter’s height and draw length, the axle to axle range should be approximately 32–40 inches with 32–36 inches for hunting and 36–40 inches for competition.

     An ideal entry level target (competition) bow should have an eight inch brace height and 40 inch axle to axle provided, however, the draw length is not too short. Short stature shooters (less than 5'5") and a draw length less than 25 inches may have more problem finding just the right bow as their options are limited.

     Sometimes compromises must be made. If a short draw length translates into a shorter than seven inch brace height, keep the axle to axle near the maximum measurement.

 There are many bow manufactures that have engineered some of their bows with incredible adjustment capabilities to help meet the needs of shorter and sometimes younger aspiring archers. However, one should always remember that every engineering compromise diminishes some performance capability of the bow.

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