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August 30, 2013

Get ready for archery season

The Meridian Star


Editor's Note:

    Archery expert Terry Rivers of Union, Mississippi has agreed to furnish Meridian Star's Outdoors page with brief archery lessons for beginning archers. There will be one lesson each week for several weeks into the the fall hunting season. Youngsters, their parents, friends or mentors are invited to read and perhaps cut out the lessons from the Meridian Star to use in coaching and encouraging youngsters or other beginners interested in archery. Questions and suggestions may be addressed to Mr. Rivers  at Or by calling 601-604-0913, or to Outdoors Editor using e-mail, postal service or telephone information available on the Outdoors Page.


Archery Addicts Anonymous–001


    Are we ready for October 1, the beginning of Archery season for whitetail deer in Mississippi? It doesn’t matter if we are archery novices or seasoned veterans, it is never too early to get ready.  Archery Addicts Anonymous is here to answer your archery questions.


Archery 101–the basics–CHOOSING

A COMPOUND BOW: Eye dominance?

     The three most important questions to consider when choosing a bow are: Eye dominance, draw length, and draw weight; in that order.

    First things first. Before even picking up a bow, determining eye dominance is absolutely crucial regardless of left or right hand dexterity. A simple way to determine eye dominance is to hold a fruit jar ring at arms' length while looking at a distant object with both eyes open. Close one eye at a time. Repeat the exercise holding the jar ring with the other hand. The object should appear close to the center of the ring for the dominate eye and outside the ring for the non-dominate eye. Right eye dominance, choose a right hand bow. Left eye dominance, choose a left hand bow.

    Question: Why should I not dry-fire a compound bow?

    Answer: Dry-firing (shooting without an arrow) can destroy a bow and also cause personal injury to the shooter or others close by. Also, one should not pull a compound bow back by hand (without a release aid) because of the danger of twisting the string off the cam.