Meridian Star

November 16, 2012

Brad Bounds bags Pope and Young Buck

By Mike Giles
Mike Giles

MERIDIAN —    Brad Bounds is a passionate deer hunter who lives to hunt trophy bucks and loves the challenge of harvesting monster sized Pope and Young bucks with his stick and string. Harvesting quality bucks is challenging no matter where you live but doing it with a bow is harder still. Bounds’ quest for trophy bucks has taken him around the country and last week found him in Nebraska in search of his next deer.

    “I scouted and hunted four days a couple of weeks ago and watched the rut progress each day while I searched for trophy bucks,” said Bounds. “I located one shooter buck and thought I’d get him into range but a doe came between us and he circled just out of range of my stand and I never could get him within bow range.”

    The scouting was red hot as the rut progressed through the week and Bounds averaged seeing about 20 shooter bucks a day. “The best day I had I saw 20 different bucks!” And on one morning alone the veteran hunter saw 11 different bucks in a 15 minute period on the stand.

    Probably the most amazing sight happened very quickly as a doe passed by within gun range, but not in bow range. “One morning I saw a doe come by and six different bucks came out following her and they got bigger with each buck that came out after her,” Bounds said!

    Bounds nailed down the area he wanted to hunt on his return trip and decided to concentrate on one trophy buck. After a quick trip home Bounds returned to the whitetail Promised Land and made it after a 16.5 hour drive. “I got in late and slept about four hours and debated on whether to go or not, but I just couldn’t lay there,” Bounds said.

    “The morning of the hunt we had a northeast wind so I chose the best option we had and hunted a stand positioned near the Republic River, right at the corner of a CRP and corn field,” Bounds continued. After driving 16.5 hours, and getting by on four hours sleep, Bounds positioned himself about 16 feet high up a River’s Edge ladder stand searching for that trophy.

    “I got up in the stand and it didn’t take long and about 15 minutes after first light I saw deer moving,” Said Bounds. “And then I spotted him about 150 yards out across the river in the CRP,” he said. “I bleated on a Primos Can a couple of times and he just kept walking towards me like he was on a string. When he got to 32 yards I downed him and he never got up again.”   Evidently the Mathews Drenalin bow and Rage broadheads were a deadly combination.

    Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time and that’s not back at the house or at work. Bounds had put in the time; over 13 hours a day a couple days on his previous scouting trip and it paid off. It enabled him to read the signs and seize the day when the moment of truth came.

    “The progression of the rut had taken place to the extent that I just got the best of him with my calling on that Primos Can,” Bounds concluded. Though Bounds knew this was a good stand, he’d never hunted from this location before, choosing the stand only after surveying the wind and weather conditions and determining that the wind direction gave him a better chance at seeing a trophy from this stand.

     Though Bounds had hunted about 300 to 400 yards from this location the week before, he might never have gotten a shot if not for thorough scouting, a knowledge of the lay of the land and knowing the current weather conditions and a little help from his Primos Can.

    “Last week I couldn’t determine where he was coming from but this week I was able to catch him coming from the cornfield across the river on his way back to his bedding area,” he said. “I was able to intercept him but had it not been for the bleat call in hand I might not have gotten him!” As it was, Bounds called the deer into bow range and harvested another impressive Pope and Young buck!

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