Meridian Star

October 25, 2013

Parker Temple’s birthday buck

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Parker Temple started scouting for a buck well before the start of bow season but was having little success until he checked his game cameras about the middle of September. Then a light switch flipped on and the floodgates opened and his camera captured several bucks in one particular area. Finding the buck is one thing but actually scoring is quite another.

    “I pulled my camera out of the area around the third week in September after I’d captured several bucks on it a few days in a row,” said Temple. “There were a couple of small bucks and a nine- point and an 11-pointer that got me excited.”

    “Opening day was my birthday so I decided to get in a hunt but the wind wasn’t right that morning,” Temple said. “That afternoon the wind was right for my stand so I checked it out.”

    Temple ran a spike out of the area on his way in and the spike snorted before vacating the premises giving the young hunter some doubt about what might show up. Temple climbed into his stand in a white oak tree next to a planted patch.

    “About 15 minutes after I got settled in a couple of does came out and started chasing a spike around,” said Temple. “Around 5:30 both does stopped and started looking in one direction and I thought the bucks might be coming out too.”

    An eight-point walked out of the woods and into the opening followed by a smaller five-point. The eight-point came within 20 yards of Temple and offered a perfect shot, but the young hunter knew that the big Daddy might be right behind him so he held off a few minutes.

    “I watched the eight-point and he was getting out of range and I thought about trying him when he turned and stared back into the woods,” said Temple. Temple’s decision to pass on the smaller buck was a good choice as it turned out. Sure enough, the big buck walked right out and followed their path towards Temple.

    “The 11-point walked right near me and offered a picture perfect shot at 24.5 yards,” Temple said. Temple drew back his bow and let the Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket arrow tipped with a Rage broadhead fly and nailed the buck as the arrow zipped right through him.

    Temple eventually tracked the buck and found him in the cutover, where the buck had collapsed near a creek.  “The 11-point buck had a split G-2 and a drop tine and weighed nearly 180 pounds,” said Temple. Though bow hunting can be frustrating, challenging and sometimes downright boring, the action can heat up really fast once the bucks start to move.

    Temple’s trophy 11 point was his best deer taken with a bow and made his birthday a huge success. It just doesn’t get any better than harvesting a trophy buck on your birthday!

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