Meridian Star

March 28, 2014

Outdoor Book Review: Off the Porch

By Otha Barham / Outdoors Editor
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     I just finished reading a wonderfully written outdoor book by my friend Dick Jones, and I recommend it enthusiastically. Dick was fortunate to have grown up surrounded and influenced by good people, especially a world class mentor, his great uncle, Evander Pritchert. These regular southern folks knew about fishing, hunting, dogs, shooting and other important things like human relations. In his introduction to “Off the Porch,” Jones notes “The best days of my youth were spent outdoors and every sunrise or sunset always takes me back to those days and those people and it inspires me to be a better person.”

    The 36 short stories in “Off the Porch” mostly center around experiences of Uncle Evander that either included young Jones or afforded him counsel. Upon completion of the book, the reader will know Uncle Evander inside out and will find what his nephew found; a blueprint for living and enjoying a successful life. Impressions will be as clear, as well communicated and as appreciated as would have a careful biography of the man. As Evander guided Dick Jones, so will he offer valuable guidance to the reader.

    The editor in me was impressed with the skill and clarity of Jones writing. I sometimes read a few lines or paragraphs from each page of a book to get the gist. Well, I ended up reading every single word of “Off the Porch” so interesting was the prose. Get your copy of the book by contacting Dick Jones, telephone 336-869-1865 or E-mail