Meridian Star

October 4, 2013

Hot Action at Triple D Ranch

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Kye Clearman wanted to give his son a special birthday present so he inquired about a guided trip to Triple D Ranch to seek a lunker bass, not just any bass mind you, but the bass of a lifetime. At the time hunting season was in full swing and I thought it best to wait until the water warmed up and action got a bit better. Catching a lunker bass is one thing, but the best you’ve ever caught is quite another.

    The day finally arrived but the weather was hot and muggy and nary a breeze was blowing nor were fish stirring on the surface. We cruised along a shoreline working worms and quickly picked up a couple fish and then started searching for a hidden school of bass. Had we waited until the weather got too hot? I was afraid we had, but knew it only took one cast to catch the trophy of a lifetime at this lake.

    When the fish are biting in shallow water anybody can catch them but when it gets hot the fish go deep or become inactive most of the time. The key is locating them and feeding them what they want. And that’s just what we aimed to do. As we moved over a shallow ledge working worms very slowly Kye changed gears and flung a Strike King Redeye Shad near a brushpile and cranked it towards the boat.

    Wham! Something stopped his lure dead a split second before showering down on the gas and stripping out line. Suddenly a monster bass exploded through the surface trying to spit the lure out. Time and again the lunker tail-walked across the surface before wallowing wildly and disappearing. Clearman finally wore the bass down and brought it into the boat. Amazingly we’d only been at the lake a couple hours when he landed his personal best, a lunker that weighed seven pounds eight ounces.

    As the morning wore on the bites got slower and the heat and humidity were taking a toll. “I think the major feeding period was listed as midday today,” Kye Clearman said.

                                                                      High Noon Hole

    My mind started racing and I remembered a similar trip from the year before where things were pretty slow and we were headed to the ramp when we hit a spot chock full of bass. My partner on that day also caught his best bass at high noon.

    We continued picking up bass here and there as we headed to my High Noon Hole, arriving at the spot about 11:45. I quickly located a submerge tree top and directed my partners to cast over it and retrieve it back. Clay worked a worm right on top of the log and caught a pretty nice one. Casting back to the same spot Clearman set the hook and a bass almost tore the rod from his hands. This was no ordinary bass but a lunker looking for an easy meal and he’d bit the wrong worm this time. The bass wore down after a short battle and Clay had his lifetime best bass also!

As the sun reached its zenith and the temperatures soared the bass action did also. We were getting bites almost every time we cast out now. Since the water was so hot, you had to crawl that worm very slowly, and the bass were just giving it a slight tick tick, but they were striking if you could feel them. On several occasions we had doubles on and the action was red hot.

    Kye made a long cast over a submerged log and never moved his lure before a bass smashed it and almost took the rod out of his hands. As he set the hook the bass took off like a freight train stripping off line and fighting madly. Clearman held on as the monster bass exploded through the surface and thrashed wildly. This battle was nip and tuck but Clearman finally wore the big momma down and boated her.

    Clearman’s high noon bass was another personal best for him as this one weighed in at eight pounds eight ounces! Though our day was far from over we’d already had the trip of a lifetime on one of the hottest days of the year. Clay and Kye Clearman had experienced a great day on the lake, caught a pile of bass including their best ever and made a lifetime memory in the process. It just doesn’t get much better than that!