Meridian Star

January 17, 2014

OWL’s changing the world

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — How can you change the world? One person at a time!  “When you volunteer and help out, you can be their eyes, legs, feet, hands and you take away their disability,” proclaimed OWL’s (Outdoors Without Limits) founder Kirk Thomas.

    Outdoors Without Limits  held their first hunt of 2014 recently with headquarters located at Russell Baptist Church. The hunt was a huge success by all measures. Local people joined participants and volunteers from several states to make the weekend successful.

    “Although I can’t reach every disabled person in the world, my goal is to touch as many people in person as I can,” Thomas continued. And more than a few people helped him with his goal during the weekend hunt that ended with a late Saturday afternoon hunt.

    “We’re in the business of changing lives and nothing is impossible when you have a little help from your friends,” said Thomas. It was easy to see why Thomas always mentions changing lives, as it was very evident in the lives of many of the participants at the weekend event, which was more about people than harvesting deer.

    Hunters from all walks of life and areas participated in the event and the excitement, camaraderie and love displayed by the attendees from several states was evident to all.

    The national event was led by Dusty Jones and made a success by a host of volunteers, hunters and participants. Over 67 hunters from all areas participated and 30 plus deer were harvested including several bucks.  

    So many deer were harvested that it would be impossible to name all of the hunters, guides and participants in this article. However, there were a few notable kills that we’ll mention.

    Bill Baker harvested a trophy nine point buck during the Saturday hunt while hunting with guide Michael Nowell at Randy Boyd Thompson’s hunting camp.

    Scott Therrell killed a nice buck while hunting at Jimmy and Ann Alexander’s camp near Chunky.

    Bill Clements harvested a trophy buck at Crystal Lake Lodge shortly after dawn on the Saturday morning hunt .

    While most of the participants, guides and hunters were local people, many traveled long distances to participate in the weekend festivities and hunt, and experienced an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling weekend.

    I thought the weekend went really well with no problems, thanks to Dusty Jones and the volunteers,” stated Kirk Thomas. Putting on a deer hunt of this magnitude would be a big deal anytime, but the logistics in getting wheelchair bound and physically challenged  hunters to the stands is another matter, and just a testament to the goodwill and resolve of the guides, hosts and landowners involved.

    Outdoors Without Limits is surely making a difference in the lives of people through their hunting and fishing events and giving others more opportunities to get in the woods and on the waters.

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