Meridian Star

April 5, 2013

Spring in the Mississippi outdoors

By Mike Giles
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Shad skittered near the shoreline of a local lake just a split second before a bass slammed into the school sending a spray of tiny baitfish up onto the banks on a recent spring morning.

    A lone angler promptly pitched a Junebug lizard near the commotion and a lunker bass sucked it in. Almost simultaneously I slammed the hook deep into the lunker bass’ jaw and it exploded through the surface and fought wildly all the way to the boat!

    I was living the dream and enjoying stress relief smack dab in the middle of some of the finest hunting and fishing in the world.

    Spring has come to Mississippi again and the dogwoods are blooming, the gobblers are booming and fish are biting. And the choices are so many we fret over what to do? Come with me and explore our outdoor opportunities right in our own backyard.

    Grab your pole, don your sneakers, or boots and come along for a spring outing. Follow me to the flooded minnow ponds of Okatibbee Lake and a springtime crappie outing on an action packed fishing trip. Crappie head to the shallow waters of Okatibbee each spring and provide glorious fish catching opportunities second to none.

    Follow me still to the hills west of Meridian as love sick gobblers scream thunderous early morning wake up calls, a challenge to all comers and hunters, and a come hither pleading to any hen within hearing distance. Come with me as a young hunter makes his first early spring gobbler hunt and harvests a trophy tom.

    Come with me to the Chunky River and catch a limit of the explosive spotted bass.

    Come to Kemper Lake and catch a lunker bass amidst the lilies while eagles soar overhead.

    Come to the fertile streams of Kemper County where bucks roam the banks, ducks fill the sloughs and even walleye swim the streams! Come and enjoy.

    Whippoorwills whistle tunes filling the early morning hours and nights with melodious refrains free to all who will listen.

    Feel the thrill again and again and join Ken Murphy on a lunker hunt as he catches and releases bass after bass at Okatibbee Lake!

    Come and canoe Okatibbee Creek right near Meridian and observe the wondrous assortment of wildlife living right here among us. See the bucks, ducks, coyotes, hawks, and even wild hogs while catching red bellies, spotted bass or catfish.

    Come and explore beautiful Bonita Lakes. Catch a monster bass, or bike, hike, or jog the hills and hollows. Come this spring and walk the trails, canoe the waters and enjoy the beautiful explosions of blooms painting the spring foliage with a magnificent rebirth of nature.

    Come and lose yourself in the splendor of our Mississippi Outdoors for just a short while and bring your camera along to capture the beauty and wonder of it all. Join me and have the experience of a lifetime in this place I choose to call my Southern Promised Land and home!

    Contact  Mike Giles at 601-917-3898 or e-mail him at