Meridian Star

June 28, 2013

Little man Jake: Big angler

By Mike Giles / Outdoors Writer
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Many people overlook younger, shorter, smaller, members of society, and often underestimate their talents and abilities. And sometimes that leads to overconfidence in sports, games and even fishing. Have you ever seen a lunker largemouth bass peak above the water’s surface and see who’s casting that line? Nope, I didn’t think so!

    Never underestimate the ability, knowledge and desire of a youngster such as Jake Newell.

    At only eight years old, Jake loves to fish and is very independent and has his own ideas when it comes to fishing. The little man has picked up quite a few tips on fishing and has even added a twist or two to his own repertoire. Jake, and his dad Kirby Newell, went bream fishing a month or so ago during the full moon and had a ball. While they were on that trip, something interesting happened.

    “We were fishing on a bream bed catching bream and we noticed a bass working the beds and chasing bream,” said Kirby Newell. “With a full moon rising last weekend Jake wanted to go fishing and hit the bream beds again, but I had to work calling ball games and we couldn’t go until Monday morning. I wanted to go and see if the bream were bedding again so we could catch some more bream.”

    Unbeknownst to Newell, Jake already had a plan working in his mind from the previous trip. As soon as they arrived at the pond Jake ran down to the edge of the water and spotted the bream bed and a commotion that was going on in it. Jake quickly saw the shark, aka monster bass, cruising the shallows for an easy, tasty, bream snack. And the wheels started turning for Jake.

    “Daddy, any little bream that we catch don’t throw them back, because I want to fish with them,” said Jake Newell. The father and son duo had arrived at the lake around 10:30 and were catching some bream and having a good time when they finally caught some small ones, just the size the young angler wanted.

    And then things went into high gear before Kirby Newell could get ready. “Daddy, Big Daddy’s on the bed,” said the youngster. “Before he could get the bream rig out of the water the bass hit his earthworm and tried to take it, but he didn’t have much success with the bream hook on there,” said Newell. “Jake found an old catfish hook and we rigged that up and he put a small bream on the hook and cast it back into the bed,” he continued. Wham! The lunker bass struck the bream with a ferocious hit and headed for parts unknown. There was just one problem; as young Jake Newell had other ideas! Jake reeled up the slack of that Zebco 33 and set the hook hard and turned the big bass and wore him down.

    “He pulled the bass up on the bank and went running to me with it and then turned around and went back to the water and chunked that same bream right back into the bed,” Newell said. “And just a split second later another lunker bass nailed that one too.” Two lunker bass caught within five minutes is really something, especially for an eight-year-old angler! “I’ve never caught two big bass like that myself,” said the proud Dad.

    Before you think this is all luck, just think about this. Jake rigs his own equipment and spends a lot of time watching the fishing shows on television and he’s been a quick study!

“He had a plan and came up with the idea to use those little bream to catch a bass, right by himself,” Newell said.         The two bass weighed in at five and a half and four and three quarters pounds! Not too many people can say they caught two lunker bass on one trip, much less that close together, but little Jake the Big Angler can say he did!                 Catching bass and making memories is something that this father and son will not soon forget. But catching two lunker bass is a memory that will last a lifetime!

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