Meridian Star

August 24, 2012

Trace the Trace

By George Warner, Jr. / Special to The Star
The Meridian Star


    I have a close friend who lives in Nashville, Tenn. We are not young as we graduated in 1947. But, we still keep in touch. He and his wife wanted me to come up to see them so I did. I took my friend Dot Dickson to keep me company. Most people travel to Nashville, or past if they are going to the mountains or Northeast, by I 20 to Birmingham then 1-65 North. I drove my route up Hwy 45 to Jackson, Tenn., then I 40 East to Nashville. It is faster and closer. When we got ready to leave a man printed me a route to the Natchez Trace. I had looked on a map and it looked shorter back to Meridian. Just get off at Tupelo and back on Hwy 45 and Alt.45. I'm sure you did not know there was a street in Nashville named Natchez Trace. That is where the route took us, 12 miles out of the way! I got some more directions and headed for the Trace. It became one of the best decisions of my life!!

    If you drove around your block or 114 miles on any road or highway near Meridian, how many cars and trucks would you see? Plenty! We saw less than 50 in over three hours and almost 300 miles!! You could sit on the balcony at Weidmanns and see more than that in one minute. Simply NO traffic, no trucks, just us and a few other cars. No police as there was no crime. But that is not all-no trash or cans or junk!! For the whole trip no litter at al!.!! Only two limbs!! Beautiful, simply beautiful! We saw over 200 wild turkeys, plenty of birds, and two pretty deer. There must be some happy cows along the Trace as we saw hundreds of hay rolls. All the grass for the entire trip was mowed. If you needed a rest stop there were plenty of rest rooms. Water Falls, creeks, and much history. A beautiful house built in 1815 and the owner died in 1817- the year Mississippi joined the Union. You cross the Tennessee River then in a few miles the Tenn-Tom River. I could not get over the beauty and the ease of the drive. Be proud of the Park Service for the way they keep the Trace. If you have not been on this Section of the Trace, then GO. GO soon. Don't stay stuck at home--GO. If you are traveling to Nashville, it is shorter and quicker. You will have no TRACE of disappointment when you travel this part of the TRACE. I garontee you!!