Meridian Star

December 13, 2013

Hunt for hunters with disabilities

By Mike Giles / Outdoors Writer
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) will host a local hunt for disabled hunters Jan. 3rd and 4th, 2014.  The hunters will be participating in the 3rd Annual “East Central MS Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt.” The hunt is being hosted by Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) and is supported by the Lauderdale Co. OWL Chapter. Russell Baptist Church will serve as the events base of operations.

    Due to a tremendous response from participants, over 75 hunters have applied so far, More landowners and hunting locations are needed desperately. “We need guides and volunteers, people who will step to the plate and make a difference,” said OWLs Founder and CEO Kirk Thomas.

    Each participant will be paired with at least one non-disabled guide for every hunt. “Guides and volunteers interact with participants forming a hunting team. They’ll work together to overcome any challenges. They might get wet and muddy but they’ll make it happen. Disabled participants want the opportunity to get out there and the guides and land owners want to make it happen. It doesn’t take long to realize and understand the blessings that these opportunities present to both.” said Thomas.

    Lauderdale CO. Chapter President Brian McCary foresees another promising hunt. “As a member and on behalf of the community we are honored to host this event again. We are extremely excited about it and look forward to having everyone here for what is sure to be another "Ultimate Adventure," said McCary.

    “Outdoors Without Limits represents the best of volunteerism and sportsmanship,” said Dusty Jones. “I was not only willing, but enthusiastic about getting involved with their mission to provide sporting opportunities for those with disabilities. I’ve attended several Ultimate Adventure hunts and helped out all I could. They have all had a tremendous impact on my life. I love to hunt and fish as much as anybody. Giving a day and a half of my year to someone who can’t come and go like I can is worth every minute of my time. The OWL organization is a credit to Mississippi, our community and our nation,” Jones said.

     “Hunt master Dusty Jones and his team are rolling out the red carpet for OWL and those we serve again. We’re extremely excited about this event and are blessed to have them as partners. We are still seeking event landowners, volunteers, partners and local participants with disabilities with a goal of accommodating everyone we can. This is a big event with a lot of moving pieces. Being volunteer dependent we need and encourage folks to get involved. It’s easy. All anyone needs to do is contact Dusty at 601.527.6462 or Brian McCary at 601.527.6155,” said Kirk Thomas.

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