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November 19, 2013

Hercules files motion to dismiss part of lawsuit

The Associated Press
Associated Press

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — Hercules Inc. and its parent company have asked a federal judge to dismiss some claims brought by the city of Hattiesburg in a lawsuit that alleges the business improperly disposed of harmful chemicals in its facility for decades.

Specifically, Hercules and Ashland Inc. ask the court to turn the city's allegations brought under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act to the Environmental Protection Agency. The companies say EPA has jurisdiction over complaints filed under the law. In the alternative, the companies ask the judge to dismiss that portion of the lawsuit.

The RCRA program ensures facilities managing hazardous waste comply with EPA waste management standards.

Ashland purchased Hercules in 2008, including the 168-acre Hattiesburg facility that Hercules had operated since 1923. It closed in December 2009.