Meridian Star

March 18, 2013

A can boom

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Gary Turbville is soon to have a very good problem.

    As the organizer of the "Cans for Kids" charity, Turbville has been since 1995 collecting aluminum cans to turn into cash so children can have food, clothing, and gifts for Christmas.

    He has for years been going to all sorts of pickup points for a bag of cans, or if he is lucky and the location generous, two or three bags. With the addition of a huge supporter — the Mississippi Power Lignite Coal Plant under construction in Kemper County — Turbville will soon have to figure out how he will get all of his donated cans to the recycling yard.

    Officials at the plant are going to donate their cans to the "Cans for Kids" charity.

    "This will be a boom for us," Turbville said. "They have provided us monetary donations for Christmas before but for them to donate their cans, I'm very appreciative."

    Turbville was approached by Ed Barnett of Mississippi Power about the plant personnel collecting and then giving the cans to "Cans for Kids." Turbville said Barnett is working out the details and a schedule for Turbville to pick up the cans.

    "Right now there are almost 4,000 people working there and they have to eat and drink something, especially with the warmer weather coming on," Turbville said. "The hotter it gets the thirstier they will be so I'm looking at a lot of cans going to the charity."

    Though the primary source of income for "Cans for Kids" is aluminum cans, they welcome donations, which are tax deductible. All money collected is spent in Lauderdale County.

    "This country sends so much money overseas to other nations when we have children right here in our country, in our county, who are in need of things," Turbville said. "That is where the inspiration of the charity began."

    Aluminum cans for "Cans for Kids" can be dropped off at any county barn or picked up by a "Cans for Kids" volunteer. Even small amounts of cans are accepted, as long as they are aluminum. They do not take tin cans.

    For more information about "Cans for Kids" or to make a donation, call Gary Turbville at 601-513-0805 or mail donations to P.O Box 652, Meridian, MS 39302.