Meridian Star

May 14, 2013

Star of the Week: Kristyn Pack

By Marie Roberts / Guest writer
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — By Marie Roberts

    Using her craftiness and entrepreneurial skills to raise money for a good cause, Kristyn Pack is truly making a difference with this year’s Relay for Life. The full time nursing student has gained quite a fan base for her brightly-colored quilted bracelets, which she sells to raise money for the First Assembly of Meridian Relay for Life team.

    “This is the first year that I've been a part of Relay for Life. I'm fundraising for it, and I'll also be part of the event itself,” said Pack, whose roots started and ended back up here in Meridian. “I was born in Texas on an Air Force base. We moved around a lot while Dad was in the Air Force, and moved around even more after he got out. My parents actually came home to the south before I did and I've been back for a year now. In some ways though, I feel like I never really left. I spent every summer and as many holidays as I could manage here with my grandparents and this really is my home.”

    Pack, a mother of two, is passionate about crafting and creating, which led her to use her quilting skills to raise money for Relay for Life. She can be seen in between classes at Meridian Community College toting a wicker basket full of unique bracelets that she made during her spare time. So far, her Relay for Life team has raised more than $3,000.

    The national Relay for Life movement raises more than $400 million each year for the American Cancer Society, which puts these donations to work by funding research in every type of cancer. The organization also provides free information and services to cancer patients and their caregivers. For Pack, this organization embodies her personal life motto: “In everything you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

    “To me, that literally means the way I vacuum my floors should honor God just as much as the events at church I get involved in,” Pack said.

    Pack will also be working at the event itself, which was postponed from May 3 due to inclement weather predictions. “I will be running a burger and coke booth at the event,” said Pack.

    When she realized that the event was delayed until June 7, Pack saw it as a positive opportunity to continue her philanthropist efforts: “I say that just gives us more time to raise money!” This year’s event will take place at the Lauderdale County Ag Center.

    Being her first year involved with the Lauderdale County Relay for Life event, Pack expects to learn a lot and come back next year even more dedicated to the cause.

    As for her future goals, Pack plans to pursue a doctorate as a nurse practitioner, participate in short-term medical mission trips, and homeschool her two daughters.