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October 9, 2012

Pioneer in treatment: Meridian Plastic Surgery continues success in varicose vein treatment

By Ida Brown /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     In 2007, Meridian Plastic Surgery introduced one of the most innovative techniques for treatment of varicose veins and venous problems to the Meridian area.

    "It was something greatly needed," said Dr. R. Bryce Turnage, who specializes in venous problems at the facility's Vein Clinic.

    "Physicians have always had trouble treating patients with vein problems – particularly those with big varicosities on their legs or big, swollen edematous legs, because up until 10 years ago, there's never been any good way to diagnose vein problems or good treatments," Turnage said.

    That changed with the advent of a non-invasive surgical laser procedure.

    "With laser treatment, we put a laser inside the vein and close it; the procedure takes 45 minutes to an hour," Turnage said.

    The surgery is performed on both women and men, with women being the greatest number .

    "Nationwide, more women have this problem than men, and it's usually inherited," Turnage said. "However, when men have it, they have a lot bigger varicose veins."

    The varicose vein treatment has a high success rate.

    "Patients legs feel better immediately – symptoms such as burning and tired legs, plus swelling go away – and they look better, which is often secondary to relief of pain for a lot of people," Turnage said.    

    And, there is very little down time.

    "We basically operate on Wednesday and people usually take Thursday and Friday off from work and go back on Monday," he said.

    In addition to less pain and swelling of the legs, the procedure is also helpful in quickly healing venous ulcers on the ankles.

    In addition to varicose vein problems, The Vein Clinic also offers full cosmetic vein therapy for spider veins.

    Meridian Plastic Surgery is located at 1200 22nd Ave.