Meridian Star

March 5, 2013

Moving right along

Work on Station 9 nearing completion

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     People who run construction companies and farmers probably don't get along too well.

    Contractors don't want any rain because it creates delays while farmers want a good rain each week to help crops grow. The fact Meridian and eastern Mississippi has received near record amounts of rain to begin this year has really been a thorn in the side of Greg Creel, but thankfully — and due to the hard work of his men — the Meridian Fire Department Station 9 construction should be on schedule.

    "We should be fine in terms of getting the job done on time," said Creel. "But I will tell you, the rain we've had didn't do us any favors."

    In January 2012, MFD personnel began manning full time the Northeast Volunteer Fire Department in order to give coverage to the newly annexed northeast regions of Meridian. In just a short time from now they will be moving into the newest addition to the MFD family.

    The project, the second of which Creel Construction has been awarded, will cost $844,500. Creel Construction also won the bid on Station 8 that was completed in July 2008. Station 8 is located on Highway 19 South between Bonita Lakes Recreation Park and the Highway 45 bypass. That project cost $832,700.

    Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry said in a release the vast majority of the masonry is finished on Station 9. She said all of the concrete is poured, the engine room doors are installed, parapet wall stone is set and the flagpole is in place.

    "We expect to move firefighters into the building in March and have the grand opening in April," said Barry.

    Monday, workers for Creel Development were finishing the sheet rock work, some plumbing at the back of the station and doing seal work outside along the roof.

    "We will be bringing in sod to start laying that down this week so the area will start to look better than with all this red clay showing," said Creel. "When we get finished, the outside will be pressure washed down and that will make this station really shine."