Meridian Star

February 22, 2013

Training for the future

MCC receives two ambulances to help train RN and paramedic students

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Josh Todd, District 3 supervisor for Lauderdale County, thinks that maybe one day an emergency medical responder who graduated from Meridian Community College's paramedic program might be the person who saves his life or that of one of his family.

    In that sense, Todd said it was a no brainer for the supervisors to OK the donation this week of two surplus ambulances from Metro Ambulance Service to the college so students in the RN and paramedic programs can conduct realistic training in the vehicles.

    "Clayton Cobler, who is the manager for Metro came to us and told us there was a need at the college for these," Todd said. "It made perfect sense to us and we know the college will put them to good use in training these students so it was a quick, easy decision."

    One of the ambulances, dressed up in green striping in tone with the school colors, will be mobile so paramedics and nurses can see how it is to treat patients in a moving environment. The patient compartment of the second ambulance has been taken off and moved into a classroom so students can get more acquainted with the areas they are likely to be working.

    Ben Warren, who is the division chairman for Emergency Services, said this donation will go a long way in preparing the students for the real world.

    "We always strive to give the students the most realistic training environment we can," said Warren. "These ambulances will cover that need nicely and we are so appreciative to the generosity of Metro and the board of supervisors."

    Cobler said the ambulances have been surplus pieces of equipment of the county ever since newer models were recently added to the fleet. He said this saves the county the trouble of trying to sell the units while at the same time addressing a need from a local college.

    "They will put them to good use and these two ambulances will serve them well in what they are going to do with them," Cobler said.