Meridian Star

February 2, 2013

Newton students gear up for RIDES

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The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Newton County Elementary School hosted a media blitz Thursday to promote Roadways Into Developing Elementary Students (RIDES), which is a math and science based curriculum that meets the state’s core standards and introduces children to areas of transportation.

    RIDES media blitzes provide an opportunity for schools to showcase how their RIDES teachers are implementing the program in the classroom and to show how students are interacting with the hands-on activities.

    Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) representatives and local media came to Newton County Elementary School and witnessed first-hand the excitement students have while participating in the program.

    Grant Myrick, assistant to Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall, addressed students and told them the program was about making sure Mississippi’s students have a wide range of educational and career opportunities, particularly related to math and science.

    “We want every child to know the many opportunities for their future,” Myrick said. “I can’t emphasize enough the vital part that math and science plays and that’s what the RIDES program is about. We are going to make it fun for you and fun for learning.”

    RIDES was developed in Mississippi by MDOT, who is now partnered with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to take the program nationwide.  

    “Not only are other states asking for it but other countries are asking for it now,” said Linda Clifton, AASHTO/MDOT RIDES implementation coordinator. “We are excited about a program that was born in Mississippi traveling to other countries as well as other states.”  

    The media blitzes held across the state will continue to increase awareness about the program with the hopes to see more teachers and students using RIDES in their classrooms.

    If you are interested in attending a RIDES training and becoming a RIDES teacher, please contact MDOT/AASHTO RIDES Implementation Coordinator Linda Clifton at 662-416-1632 or at